Maria Bartiromo has carved a formidable reputation as a tough business reporter. A woman with sheer dedication and perseverance, she is one of the highest-earning journalists. 

Like her successful career at media giants like CNBC and Fox News, her married life with Jonathan Steinberg is also thriving.

Bartiromo Is a Chief Editor at Fox News 

Bartiromo started her career with CNN as a producer and assignment editor for CNN Business News.

She held the title for five years and moved to CNBC in 1993. Soon, the 53-year-old became the building block of the network, launching the network's famous morning show, Squawk Box

She hosted her shows The Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo and the nationally syndicated On the Money with Maria Bartiromo. She also became the managing editor for the latter.

In 1995, Bartiromo, who has a height of 5'5", became the first journalist to report live from the NY stock exchange floor regularly. She stayed with CNBC for two decades and left the channel in 2013 after her five-year contract.

After that, the New York graduate joined Fox Business Network as a global market editor in 2014. As a chief global business editor, she now hosts Maria Bartiromo's Wall Street and Morning with Maria

Her Net Worth and Salary 

Decades of experience in the business field has helped Bartiromo enrich her net worth. She used to earn $4 million annually during her tenure at CNBC. 

Now in Fox News, the Brooklyn native reportedly earns a salary of $10 million, making her one of the highest-earning journalists in the field. Her net worth, as per Celebrity Net Worth, is $50 million. 

The net worth also includes her house, which she bought with her husband Jonathan Steinberg for $6.5 million in 2007. 

She Has Been Married for 21 Years

Bartiromo and Steinberg are in an enduring marriage. Steinberg is the CEO of Wisdom Tree Investments, a New York-based asset management company. 

The pair tied the knot back on June 13, 1999. The wedding was held in Bartiromo's parents' house in Gayfryd Steinberg, New York. The Fox News host wore a white lace wedding gown and a waist-length veil for the special day. 

It would be fair to say that their marriage is going strong even after 21 years. Bartiromo timely shares pictures with her husband and glimpses of her marital bliss on her social media. 

On their 21st anniversary, she posted pictures from her wedding and shared her joy of being married for 21 years. She also said the three magical words for her husband, whom she affectionately called Jono. 

In late 1990, Bartiromo was allegedly having an affair with Wall Street executive Todd S. Thomson. He had bankrolled $5 million to sponsor a program she was hosting.

However, Thompson denied the allegations, claiming that their relationship was 'appropriate.' 

Does Bartiromo Have Children?

Bartiromo has been married for 21 long years, but she has no children. It would be safe to say that she doesn't plan to have any.

In an interview back in 2012, she had expressed that she didn't have plans to have kids. Also, she shared her desire never to regret that decision. 

Though not a human child, Bartiromo parents a white Yorkshire Terrier whom she calls Dusty. She and her husband adopted the pooch in 2019.