Irish TV presenter Liz Bonnin made a tweet in 2012, mentioning the character of The Big Bang Theory sitcom as her future husband but beyond that, she has never shared anything about her boyfriend and love life, which has always remained a mystery tot he world. 

Irish biochemist Elizabeth Bonnin is a science, wildlife and natural history presenter, and wildlife biologist. The 41-year-old earned her recognition as a host of a popular science magazine series; Bang Goes The Theory, which aired on BBC One and appeared as a  presenter on the BBC One's documentary, Drowning In Plastic (2018).

Drowning In Plastic: Liz Bonnin reveals the full scale of the world’s plastic problem and its impact on wildlife, exploring ways in which science can offer a solution. (Published on 24 September 2018)

Prior to her BBC shows, she has also worked as a presenter for wildlife and science programmes including Galapagos, How the Earth Works, Animals in Love, Stargazing Live, Big Blue Live, Cats v Dogs: Which is Best? and Should We Close Our Zoos?

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Besides wildlife program presenter, she was also the presenter for music shows RI: SE and Top of the Pops in the early 2000s.

Liz is the recipient of various awards such as IET's Young Woman Engineer of the Year and the Natural History Museum's Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award.

Her Short Bio; Parents, Height, Education

The television host was born as Elizabeth Bonnin on 16th September 1976 in Paris, France to parents Russ Tamblyn and Bonnie Murray.

Her parents are multiracial as her father is of French-Martiniquan descent and her mother is Trinidadian. Later, her family moved to Ireland when she was nine years old. She grew up with her older sister Benni and was very close to her granny who passed away in 2003.

Liz, who stands at the height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.8 meters), completed her graduation with a bachelor's degree in biochemistry from Trinity College. She later earned her master's degree in Wild Animal Biology from the Zoological Society of London and Royal Veterinary College (2008).

Liz Bonnin's Career In Music & TV Shows

At the beginning of the career, Liz was a musician as she was associated with an Irish girl pop group, Chill who has already broken up. The band performed on Dustin Turkey's third album Faith of Our Feathers, duetting on a song We Are Family.

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Later, she was offered a job for hosting the IRMA Awards which led her career as a host for various entertainment shows on RTÉ Television in Ireland, such as The Den, Telly Bingo, and Millennium Eve: Celebrate 2000.

Then in 2002, she even worked as a presenter for Channel 4s RI: SE. A program on entertainment-related stories and later as the regular presenter for Top of the Pops.

She moved on to science broadcasting in 2005 and presented the show, Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets. She appeared on BBC's wildlife series, Autumnwatch in 2010 and presented segments of BBC Two's Stargazing Live in 2011.

Liz also hosted science-related shows that include BBC2's Museum Of Life and Horizon, and BBC 1's Super Smart Animals and Animals In Love. She co-presented a documentary show, Wild Alaska Live in 2017.

She currently continues working on big cat conservation programmes at the Zoological Society.

Is Liz Bonnin Married To Husband?

Despite the successful career, Liz Bonnin seems to be brassbound in her dating status. She has not flaunted her possible husband to the media even at the age of 41. However, in November 2012, she made a humorous reply to a tweet mentioning Sheldon, the character of The Big Bang Theory, as her future husband.

Future Husband: Liz Bonnin replies to a tweet mentioning her future husband (Photo: Liz Bonnin's Twitter)

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Though she has kept her personal life inside a shadow, she has revealed the unique marriage practices that her ancestors did in the past. Tracing her family story, she found that her great, great, great grandfather married a slave after dating and bore multiple children from the spouse.

Regardless of her grandparents' wedding history, she is yet to endure a married life with a spouse.