American wildlife educator, Coyote Peterson had his whole aspect of life and wildlife passion shown in the camera for the world to appreciate, but he has made a great effort to keep his married life with wife behind the curtains.

Coyote Peterson is widely known for his wildlife videos on his aptly titled YouTube channel, Brave Wilderness. He’s also known by some for videos where he lets insects that have the most painful stings sting him.

Here are some enthralling wikis on Coyote’s age, height, YouTube channel, net worth, real name and his life with wife behind the screens.

1. Coyote Peterson’s Bio: Real Name, Age, Height & Net worth 

Born on 1 September 1980, Coyote Peterson, whose real name stands as Nathaniel Peterson was raised in Newbury, Ohio. He attended the preparatory school, Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School and graduated from The Ohio State University in 2004 where he studied film.

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Grasping the inspiration from Bear Grylls, Steve Irwin, Jeff Corwin, Jack Hanna, Justin O. Schmidt, and Jane Goodall, Coyote started his YouTube channel, Brave Wilderness in September 2014 and started posting several videos of him adventuring in the wilderness and danger.

Height Of Wilderness: Coyote and his crew attempt to catch a speedy Iguana lizard using nothing but water in Samoan desert (Published on 9 September 2018)

His first YouTube video was titled ‘Breaking Trail-Trailer’ which was a minute-long introduction to the series, Breaking Trails and it was appreciated by many wildlife lovers. Coyote eventually started uploading videos that showed him catching animals, and a video of him featuring a snapping turtle gained massive attention.

Following the successful project, the 38-year-old wildlife adventurer started to upload a video or two every week, and the first video that crossed a million views was when he caught a dangerous Gila monster.

Standing at an impressive height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.55 meters), Coyote faced many troubles alongside his crews like getting attacked by an alligator or leeches burrowing into Coyote’s hands. The most significant selling point was Coyote’s honesty and rawness as the channel grew in quite a rapid pace.

Coyote earns an estimated salary from $184.2k to $2.9m from his YouTube channel. He has also written a book called Coyote Peterson’s Brave Adventures: Wild Animals in a Wild World. The book sold several copies and brought a considerable amount of fortune to his doors, so there’s no doubt that his net worth is calculated in millions of dollars.

2. Coyote Provides Viewers Vicarious Experience Through Youtube

Despite the fact that his efforts to make videos of catching animals are already too dangerous, Coyote couldn’t help but step his game up as he started to provide his viewers the experience to watch him get bitten by hazardous insects.

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Many of his famous YouTube videos show him crippling on the ground with pain as he gets bitten and stung by vicious insects and sometimes, crabs. He has gotten himself stung by a cow killer, a tarantula hawk, and a bullet ant as well.

Oh wait, let’s not forget to mention that he went to the extent of getting chomped by a two-year-old American alligator weighing 20 pounds. Coyote let the alligator penetrate its teeth on his right arm, and the result was just as anyone would expect; the alligator didn’t let go, but when it did, Coyote had his arm free but covered in blood and puncture marks.

3. Coyote Peterson’s Sugar-coated Life With Wife

Unlike many of his aspects in life, Coyote has his personal life well hidden, and he doesn’t fail to hesitate, or straight-up deny talking about his wife. Well, he does show off his daughter to the world, and though Coyote hasn’t revealed her real name, everyone calls her ‘Pup.’

And the only time he mentioned his wife was in an interview where he was asked about the real name of his daughter, as he said,

I don’t say her name to the public, but we call her Pup. She actually got her nickname from her mom when she was about three years old. I would take her out on adventures and it’s like how a coyote has a baby and it is called a pup. I’m Coyote. She’s Pup.

So, that clears the motive behind his daughter’s nickname. Coyote’s daughter is ten years old and often appears in his videos, unlike his mysteriously hidden wife.

Immense Love: Coyote posts a picture of his daughter as she sits behind a huge tortoise named Ogre on Instagram on 3 October 2016 (Photo: Coyote Peterson’s Instagram)

Even if Coyote hesitates to open up about his daughter’s real name, he doesn’t hold back when talking about his passionate role as a father. He sees his family almost every day except for when he’s traveling and has to go days and weeks without seeing them.

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During an interview, he mentioned his regret of not being there physically for his daughter all the time, even though he wishes to be. Coyote’s job takes him away from his family at times, which he considers his biggest struggle as a man who loves his wife and daughter.

Although Coyote has opted to keep his wife behind the camera, let’s hope that he soon becomes ready to present his wife to enrapture the fans proudly.