Canadian pop singer and actress Lennon Stella is known for her role as Maddie Conrad on the popular ABC television series Nashville. The talented artist also released her debut EP Love, Me in November 2018 and debut studio album Three. Two. One. in April 2020.

Since her popularity has only gone higher, more and more people have shown curiosity towards her life. According to the internet, most people are interested to know if she has had lip fillers or been under the knife.

Rumors Related to Her Plastic Surgery and Lip Fillers

Many internet sites, social media pages, and YouTube reports suggest that Stella looks facially different at present than how she looked initially in her career.

In May 2019, Famous Entertainment, a YouTube channel that reports celebrity news, reported that the 'Older Than I Am' singer had thin lips when she stepped into the entertainment industry. But her looks changed as her lips started looking fuller from somewhere around her 17th birthday in 2016.


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Likewise, an Instagram handle named Reality Check [username: @truthaboutfaves] posted a collage of Stella, comparing her pictures from the present and the past.

The post claimed that the singer had lip fillers injections, writing, "Lennon Stella had lip fillers and apparently she denies them."

Collage of Lennon Stella, comparing her newer and older pictures.

Collage of Lennon Stella, comparing her newer and older pictures. (Photo: Instagram)

Commenting on the post, someone wrote, "I hate the look, especially on such a young woman."

"Looks like it happened in 2017 to 2018. Too bad, in my opinion, much prettier before then after," another chimed.

Someone also expressed that the change in her lips or appearance has not affected her voice [singing], suggesting none should be concerned about those things.

The comment read, "She’s had it done but who cares. She still sounds the same. If filling her lips makes her happy then power to her. She’s not that little girl from Nashville anymore."

However, despite all the claims or speculations around her alleged surgery, Stella does not look concerned about all the talks. She is yet to make any comment on the topic publicly.

Stella's Star-Studded Family

The Nashville star was born on August 13, 1999, in Ontario, Canada.

Her parents Marylynne Stella and Brad Stella, are musical performers who performed as a duo called the Stellas.

The 'Kissing Other People' star also has a four-year-younger sister named Maisy Stella.


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Under the stage name Lennon & Maisy, the two sisters even performed a cover of The Lumineers song 'Ho Hey.' Later, their version was released as a single and charted in both country and pop format.

How Much Is Her Net Worth?

At a very young age, Stella found opportunities to make her career, and she grabbed them, too. She is currently focused on her singing career and performs as a solo artist.

And although she has not revealed her singing salary or net worth so far, the presently America-based artist seems to be earning a decent fortune for herself, too. Her luxurious lifestyle and beautiful home in Nashville suggest that she has already made some good bucks.

She makes her earnings from her singing salary, songs' revenue, merchandise, YouTube earnings, promotional posts, and musical tours.