Author of many #1 bestsellers, Dan Brown, makes history exciting by spicing it up with mystery and science. He also holds the title of highest-paid author for his excellent books. 

Even though the events in his books are fiction, the rituals, science, artworks, monuments, and organizations mentioned in his books exist in real life. 

What makes Brown’s work fascinating is that he doesn’t shy away from writing about some of the world’s secret societies like the Illuminati, Priory of Sion, Freemasons, Vatican Archives, and Opus Dei, among others. 

His description of such organizations and some facts he has mentioned have landed him in various controversies, but that has not stopped his books from being adapted into successful movies. 

To date, he has written seven thrillers, out of which five books follow the journey of Robert Langdon, professor of Art History and Symbology at Harvard University. 

Dan Brown. (Source: Instagram)

Three of Brown's books have been adapted into movies — The Da Vinci Code (2006), Angles and Demons (2009), and Inferno (2016). According to the novel’s chronology, The Lost Symbol was supposed to come after The DaVinci Code, but it was never adapted into a movie. 

Director Ron Howard is the one who made the Robert Langdon movie franchise with Tom Hanks as the protagonist. When Cinema Blend asked Howard why The Lost Symbol wasn’t adapted in 2016, he said the book was similar to Angles and Demons and The Da Vinci Code. He wasn’t particularly inspired by the book then but knew that it would get its chance someday. 

'Lost Symbol' is outstanding and you know, someday, something important has to be done with it.

Five years later, Howard’s words have come true since The Lost Symbol is finally getting proper recognition. Peacock has picked the novel and it is being adapted into a series with the same name.

'The Lost Symbol' Into TV Series

The trailer for the upcoming series dropped on May 17 during Peacock’s virtual upfront presentation. 

Like the book, the trailer shows how the famed symbologist discovers how his mentor, Peter Solomon, kidnapped. With the discovery of Solomon’s severed hands in the Capitol, Langdon, along with Solomon’s sister, Katherine, embark on the journey across Washington D.C. 

The trailer also gave a sneak peek of the antagonist and his tattoo-laden back — also very true to the book. 

The Lost Symbol will not feature alum Tom Hanks as Langdon — Ashley Zukerman will play the Havard Professor. Zukerman is best known for his Succession, The Code, Manhattan, A Teacher, and Friday on My Mind

Valorie Curry, Rick Gonzalez, Sumalee Montano, Beau Knapp, and Eddie Izzard will join the cast alongside Zukerman. 

The series will be directed by Dan Trachtenberg. Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie are both the writers and executive producers for the series. Brown will serve as an executive producer alongside Howard, Brian Grazer, Samie Kim Falvey, and Anna Culp also serve as executive producers.