Lena The Plug is an American YouTube star and on-demand content creator, famous for her vlogs and content on YouTube. Her channel, Lena The Plug, has more than 1.62 million subscribers.

More to that, the fitness enthusiast is hugely famous on all social media platforms; she has 3.4 million followers on her main Instagram @lenatheplug, around 368 thousand on her second Instagram channel @lena.the.mom, and above 1.1 million followers on her Twitter.

However, not many know about her personal life; especially, her real name, age, and her friend’s name.

What is Lena The Plug's Real Name?

Lena always went by her stage name (Lena The Plug) on all of her accounts. She had never revealed her actual name in any of her main accounts, increasing her fan's curiosity to know her real name.

Thankfully, that changed in October 2019: Lena opened a new account titled "Lena The Mom" to share her pregnancy journey. And in the bio of the account, she revealed what looks to be her real name. According to it, her real name is Lena Nersesian.

Lena The Mom account's bio reveals real name to be Lena Nersesian

A snippet of Lena The Plug's pregnancy account, Lena The Mom, reveals her real name (Photo: Lena The Mom/Instagram)

Lena's Past Instagram Post Reveals Her Age And True Birthday

We can find a lot of sites that have information regarding her age and birth date. The most famous of them, Famous Birthdays, claims her birthday to be on June 1, 1991, effectively making her 29 years of age as of November 2020.

Supporting the data, Lena's boyfriend, Adam too wishes her on 1st June each year. He did that both in 2019 and 2020.


Happy birthday to the love of my life and my baby mama to be ♥ï¸Â

A post shared by Adam22 (@adam22) on

However, here's the interesting part. On Adam's birthday wish for Lena on Twitter in 2019, Lena replied saying that her birthday was the day after, meaning on 2 June. She also said that he did so just because he wanted to be the first to wish her.

It turns out, she wasn't making a joke or attempting to mislead the whole internet about her birthday. As we dug a bit deeper into her Instagram, we found a post, she uploaded on 2 June 2017, and, the post was a picture where she is seen holding digit-shaped balloons of the number 26.

She captioned the picture, as "It's my birthday", clearly stating that it was her birthday, and the birthday is on 2nd June instead of 1st.


it's my bday so i'm extra extra today

A post shared by Lena The Plug (@lenatheplug) on

So, why does Adam wish her on 1 June instead of 2? Well, maybe he just wants to be the first one to wish her, as Lena suggested? Or, maybe, it's merely an inside joke between the two of them that no one else will get and they have their own reasons for it. We might never know, but it sure is fun to speculate.

As of November 2020, Lena is 29 years old.

What Is Lena The Plug’s Friend Name?

Lena The Plug surely has a lot of friends. But here, we are going to talk about her best friend.

The YouTuber has been friends with a woman named Emily Rinaudo for a long time. In her own words as she spoke on a video she uploaded on January 4, 2017, she became best friends with Emily "the moment she locked eyes" with her in March of 2016.

The two have appeared on each other's Youtube channels on vlogs and other content in the past. And much like Lena, Emily, too, is now an Instagram model and OnlyFans content creator.

However, as of late, they have not appeared on each other's vlogs. Emily's YouTube channel has been inactive for over a year now, and she has also not appeared on Lena's channel.