Hardcore FPS gamers are all too familiar with Summit1g (aka Jaryd Lazar) — a highly popular video game streamer with close to six million followers and over 30,000 active subscribers on Twitch.

In 2017, the Twitch star used one of his game streams to let his fans know that he had divorced his wife, Desirae Lazar, after being married for three years. The news sent a wave of disappointment across Summit1g’s loyal fans as they had grown accustomed to Desirae’s occasional appearances on his streams, at times even calling to ask him what he wanted to eat. 

What was it that ended the relationship of the meant-to-be couple? Read more to find out...

Summit1g Revealed His Divorce After A Year And A Half Of It Actually Happening

As per internet sources, their intimate relationship dates back to 2007 and after long years of courting, the two had finally gotten married in 2013. 

As per the gamer’s stream where he reveals his divorce, it had been about a year and a half since the couple had separated. In his stream, he stated that he didn’t tell his fans sooner because it could have been challenging for either of them if the internet community got involved. Additionally, he had decided to reveal it only because many fans were nagging him with questions about her, and he wanted to close the chapter once and for all.

He further informed his fans that the two separated on amicable terms and that he and Desi (as he fondly calls her) are still close friends. She is also still his manager to this day and handles his "adult responsibilities"—probably referring to merchandising, marketing, etc. Not just that, Summit1g also visits his ex-wife and her kids.

The streamers’ long term fans empathized with him and agreed that it was a good decision to have held out on the public announcement before they were ready. A Reddit user wrote, “Well, that's a bit of a bummer, but it’s good to hear that it’s mostly in the past now. I couldn't imagine the drama of going through that with 20k plus people getting in the mix and throwing their opinions at him.”

Another user replied, "It would have been way more than 20k people if it was just happening. Trolls would have been devastating.”    

Disagreement On Having Kids Might Have Been The Reason For Summit1g And Desirae’s Break-up

Fans have speculated that disagreements on having children might have been the reason for Summit1g and his wife’s divorce. The Twitch star’s long term fans all claim to have known that the streamer was strictly against having kids while his wife wanted to start a family.

Regarding this, a Reddit user wrote: "When she (Desirae) streamed for a little while, she was talking as if she would have kids in the future, and we all know Summit was always against having kids and still is. She was acting like the decision whether the two would have kids hasn't been decided yet."

Another user wrote, "Summit has said since as long as I can remember that (having kids) would end up being a problem. I've been watching him since probably six months after he started streaming, and if there was ever an issue in their relationship, I always remembered it being about having a kid."

This speculation's validity is further reinforced because Desirae went on to have twin daughters with her new partner in 2018, soon after divorcing Jaryd. Since then, she has also had another daughter. As of December 2020, the bio on her Twitter handle reads “mommy of 3 girls”. It seems clear that the two had opposing views when it came to having children.

Summit1g Is Currently Dating Another Twitch Streamer — Lilchiipmunk

Both Summit1g and Desirae seem to have moved on since their divorce. Desirae is a happy mother of three, whereas her ex-husband is dating another Twitch streamer that goes by the handle Lilchiipmunk. Her first name is Caroline, while her last name hasn’t been made public. It is unclear as to how long the two have been dating, but pictures of them together first surfaced in 2017, close to the time that Jaryd publicized his divorce.

A Twitter post by Caroline in November 2017 shows the two together as a little more than friends. She tags Jaryd as a ‘rockstar’.

Caroline and Desirae seem to be friends as well, and the two have been spotted together in the past.