Lady Gaga recalled a traumatic experience she suffered at the hands of a music producer who assaulted her and left her with a nonconsensual pregnancy when she was nineteen years old. 

The pop icon detailed the abuse in an episode of Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey's Apple TV+'s docuseries The Me You Can't See, which was released on May 21, 2021. 

The Dark Side of the Entertainment Industry

The 'Poker Face' songstress explained when she was working on a project when she was 19, a producer outright told her to take her clothes off. She immediately said no and walked out. 

Sadly, that wasn't the end of it—far from it. The producer didn't back off the slightest and instead threatened that they would burn all of her music. 

They persistently harassed her, and she just froze. 

"I don't even remember," the performer confessed as she broke down in tears. 

As difficult as it was to admit, the 'Perfect Illusion' singer further explained that this was not a singular encounter of abuse. She was, in fact, locked in a studio for months. 

The vile producer then dropped her off pregnant on a corner. She elaborated further that after the unspeakable horrors she endured, she was at her parents' house. She was vomiting and sick. 


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The Oscar-winning songstress had decided not to reveal the producer's name on purpose because she never wanted to face him ever again. She also warned viewers that the industry was abusive and dangerous. 

She Had a Psychotic Break

Further along in her dialogue, the 'Million Reasons' singer recollected her visits to the hospital years later. At the time, she felt severe pain and numbness, but when she consulted her doctor there, they sent her to see a psychiatrist. 

Her symptoms started with severe pain followed by numbness, and then she got sick for "weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks after." It took a while for her to realize that the pain was the same pain she felt after being abused. 

In her experience, she was changed by the pain she had gone through, and it led to a "psychotic break" that she was actively battling even when she accepted the Oscar for A Star Is Born in 2019.

She Is Still Finding Her Way Back

It is only recently that she has learned to deal with self-harm impulses. She explained that the impulses one has to cut themselves, throw themselves against the wall, or harm themselves actually made them feel worse. She added:

You think you're going to feel better because you're showing somebody, 'Look, I'm in pain.' It doesn't help.

All that being said, the iconic superstar concluded her narrative on a positive note. After many years, she has now learned all the ways to pull herself out of the trauma, and with that, she has now started to change slowly.