English television newsreader, Kay Burley never enjoyed a long and happy marriage, but she found a high motivation to keep moving forward and smile for the most important person in her life.

Kay Burley is mostly known for hosting live broadcasts for Sky News and her appearance as a contestant of the ITV reality television show, Dancing on Ice.

Sky News: Kay Burley chats with Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg about his ambitions and opinions on UK Prime Minister, Theresa May (Published on 5 May 2018)

Kay has worked for Sky News since 1988 and has hosted much more hours of live television than any other newsreader.

Kay Burley’s Bio: Age & Broadcasting Career

Born on 17 December 1960, Kay Burley was raised in Beech Hill, Wigan, Lancashire. Her parents worked in a cardboard factory.

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Kay started her reporting career at the age of 17 by joining the Lancashire Evening Post and Chronicle as a trainee reporter.

In 1985, Kay joined TV-am as a reporter and occasional newsreader and from 1987, she presented TV-am’s first hour.

After getting recruited by Andrew Neil, Kay joined Sky Television and launched her documentary, The Satellite Revolution in November 1988.

The 57-year-old presenter occasionally contributed in the tabloid, Sunday Mirror and sometimes appeared on Channel 5’s news bulletins in 2006.

Kay Burley’s Height & Body Structure

Being a newsreader, Kay puts extra effort to her body, and since her height is only 5 feet 3 inches (1.63 meters), she deems heels as a must.

She’s got natural caramel brown hair that brings out light to her ocean blue eyes. Kay never hesitates to accentuate her bare legs while wearing any dress.

Gifted with outward personality, Kay doesn’t feel any obligation to take off her shoes when she gets tired and show her feet in the public as well.

Kay Burley’s Net Worth & Salary

There isn’t any information regarding Kay’s net worth, but there’s no question that news presenters earn a decent amount of money.

According to sources, Kay is paid an enormous amount of 500,000 pounds every year.

Kay invests a lot on properties and doesn’t hesitate to buy expensive things for fun, like the time when she bought a white gold Cartier watch.

So, it’s safe to say that Kay devours massive salary and net worth from her work.

Kay Burley & Her Dogs

Kay Burley loves dogs and often calls her an animal lover too. She’s got two English Setter, and she enjoys sharing pictures of her dogs on her social media.

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Mood Lightener: Kay posts a picture of her two beautiful dogs on Instagram on 26 August 2018 (Photo: Kay Burley’s Instagram)

And there aren't many who wouldn’t love those beautiful, smart creatures that never fail to keep good company.

Kay has never escaped the tide of hates and smears which followed her to the picture she posted of a dog during the shootings in France.

She had posted a picture of a golden retriever with the caption ‘sadness in his eyes’ under the hashtag ‘#parisattacks,’ and that backfired on her and many people suggested that the pup had cheered up the mood a bit.

Few people defended her by saying that dogs could pick up on feelings.

Kay Burley’s Married Life: Short-Time Husbands

Not everyone has a happily-ever-after to their romantic affairs. Some end in a distraught way and some never work out.

Kay too didn’t get to live the joyful blossom of her relationships. She got married to a reporter at the age of 19 and part ways with him not too long after.

Eventually, she got married to the football agent, Steve Kutner and had a son with him. But, the two went got divorced, and the reason isn’t known to the public.

After her divorces, Kay wasn’t too sure about marriage, so she dated The Sun’s former political editor, George Pascoe-Watson and had a long relationship with him until 2009.

After a couple of failed love-stories, Kay hasn’t romantically involved with anyone, and she’s enigmatic to reveal her relationship status and affairs.

The fact that Kay never enjoyed a long and healthy relationship doesn’t bother her much as she had the most beautiful blessing of her son’s presence.

Kay Adores Her Son, Alexander Kutner: Proud Mother

Despite her non-existent love life, Kay finds the most comfortable place by her son’s side. Her son, Alexander Kutner is already 25 years old today, but for Kay, he’s the same little boy she saw when he came in the world for the first time.

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Kay doesn’t worry too much about revealing her son’s identity and often posts pictures with him on her social media sites.

Mother-Son Goals: Kay posts a picture with his son on Instagram on 22 August 2018 (Photo: Kay Burley’s Instagram)

Kay took quite good care of his son while her ex-husband left and she was dealing with her mother’s terminal breast cancer.

Fearing the fact that both of her parents died unnaturally young, Kay puts extra effort to her health and makes sure that her son receives the best love and proudly calls her his mother.