American television journalist Josh Elliot is a man of enormous appetite. He has always been demanding when it comes it to his paycheck and his role as a news anchor. However, he didn't realize that his straightforward attitude was becoming more of a nagging behavior rather than light-hearted humor to his employers. His refusal to compromise cost him his job. So, what is the news personality doing now after being fired from his job? Has he found himself a new job after the CBS twitter fiasco?

The California native is best-known as a news anchor in the ABC network's Good Morning America.He had previously worked as the news anchor of Good Morning America and Today.

Prior to joining Nat Geo, he was serving as the lead day-time anchor for CBS. He also once co-hosted ESPN's morning SportsCenter alongside Hannah Storm.

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He was a news correspondent for the NBC channel, who was the host of NBC Sports news program, 2014 Kentucky Derby. He has also served as one of the co-hosts for Super Bowl XL for Westwood One Sports.

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He has won a New York Emmy in 2005 for writing and reporting to the MSG Network's show Angles.

Josh Elliott’s Short Bio On Personal Life & Education

Josh Elliott was born on 6 July 1971. Soon after his birth, his mother Susan gave him up for adoption. He was later adopted by Charles Elliott and Toni Jordan and grew up in Los Angeles. At the age of 13, his adoptive parents got divorced after his father came out as gay.

He is a twice-married man whose first marriage ended with a divorce. He was first married to W8 media chief revenue officer Priya Narang. He shares a daughter named Sarina with his ex-wife, Priya. After Priya, he tied the knot with Liz Cho in 2015. Liz is an American anchor who currently anchors various news shows in WABC-TV. She also has a daughter named Louisa Simone Gottlieb from her previous marriage

The young Josh graduated from Loyola High School in Los Angeles and got a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of California. He attended the Columbia School of Journalism to earn his Masters degree.

Josh Elliott’s Career Progression -- From Stringer To ABC Journalist

Elliot started off his career in journalism as a stringer for Santa Barbara News-Press and later worked as a television producer for Galaxy Productions.

Later he worked in television production with 20th Century Fox, and also worked as a comedy development assistant for FOX TV. Then he worked at Sports Illustrated for six years during which he covered the NFL, golf and adventure sports, Major League Baseball, the NBA and NCAA football and basketball.

He also reported the outbreak of the 2003 invasion of Iraq led by U.S. forces. After first appearing on ESPN in 2004 as a guest contributor, he anchored ESPN's Classic's nightly series Classic Now from 2005-06 and later hosted SportsCenter from 2008.

Josh later joined ABC News in March 2011 and covered some significant topics for the channel: like the Hurricane Sandy, the Sandy Hook School shooting, the Joplin tornado, the Boston Marathon bombing, the presidential election of Barack Obama in 2012 and also the second inauguration of President Obama. During his ABC years, he also interviewed Graham Spanier, the former president of Penn State University regarding the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal.

Josh Elliott ABC's Good Morning America & NBC Sports Exit

Elliot's fans were disheartened after his departure from CBS and wanted him to return to the network. One of his Twitter followers tweeted requesting him to return to CBS.

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However, on the bright side, despite the firing, the network reportedly vouched to pay his salary of nearly $6 million a year until his contract expires.

The CBS exit was his third departure from big networks in three years. Prior to joining CBS, he was working at ABC News' Good Morning America before leaving the tv station after negotiations regarding his salary raise went sour.

True Fan: Josh's fan requests his return to CBS in 2017 (Photo: Derek Carlisle's Twitter )

On March 30, 2014, he sent an email to former ABC News chief Ben Sherwood to reveal his decision. In the note, he also informed about taking a job at NBC Sports. Soon after that, the ABC chief sent a company wide email revealing Amy Robach as Josh's replacement.

Ben further disclosed the reason for Josh's exit, stating there was a significant gap between their generous offer and his expectations. Sources revealed that Josh was demanding up to 10 million a year which was much more than the $5 million ABC News was willing to pay.

The ABC executive later released a statement on the matter in which they expressed that his expectation as 'greedy.'

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After ABC, Josh reportedly accepted a pay cut for more on-screen time when he accepted a $4 million plus incentives based contract at NBC Sports. Likewise, he also got a production deal as per the long-term contract with the network. However, there was a non-compete clause in Josh's former contract with ABC that forbade him from appearing in NBC Sports' show for the next six months.

The famous tv personality ultimately left NBC in 2015 before joining CBS in 2016.

Why CBS Fired Josh Elliot In 2017?

Josh is no longer unemployed after being fired from CBS News back in February 2017.

He had been working as CBS News' lead daytime anchor since March 2016. But after only a year of being involved with CBSN, Josh announced that he was stepping down from the digital platform for a larger role at the network.

The episode aired on Friday on 10 March 2017 - in the episode, he also added that knowing how the things were around there, he could be seeing his viewers again on Monday.

According to insiders, he was asked by CBS's head of talent Laurie Orlando to lead a bigger project for the network after which he decided to leave the desk job and not the network. The insiders also revealed that he had consulted with his executive producer about revealing his decision on the live television.

However, other executives at CBS were unaware of this fact and took Josh's on-air tantrum as an insult. Later on Monday, on 13 March, CBS News President David Rhodes called Josh to his office and fired him.

In addition to lack of communication, his exit from the network was reportedly initiated after the network stars Charlie Rose and Scott Pelley were unhappy that the network didn't consult with them about Josh's promotion.

Months after the firing of Josh, the once-star host of CBS's Good Morning, Charlie Rose, was fired from CBS in November 2017 after several women including his former employees accused him of sexual harassments.

Josh Elliott’s Net Worth Reveal

Josh has been able to establish himself as a famous journalist working in various new networks for several years. Despite being fired his experience still makes him a staple journalist in the news network.  In these several years, Josh has made and accumulated millions of dollars in his bank account.

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The famous journalist has a whopping net worth of $5 million dollars and earns a yearly salary of $2 million dollars.

What Is Josh Elliott Doing Now?

Indeed, he landed a new stint at Nat Geo (alongside English animal expert Chris Packham and FS1 reporter Jenna Wolfe) in the summer of 2018 as a host of Yellowstone Live, a four-day programme starting from August 5 created to showcase 'the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.'

Josh expressed assurance to entertain viewers in a statement after joining the documentary series, stating

"As the host of National Geographic’s Yellowstone Live I will help navigate viewers through this beloved destination filled with unparalleled wildlife and extraordinary natural wonders...During this four-day extravaganza atop one of the world’s most active super volcanoes, geysers could erupt or wild grizzlies and bison could cause traffic jams in a moment’s notice … nothing is off the table on our trek across America’s national treasure.”

With the show, Yellowstone Live, Elliot added a new dimension to her career as a host of the environment ecosystem show.