American journalist Liz Cho, best known for being the co-anchor of WABC-TV's Eyewitness News, got a matching butterfly tattoo with her daughter Louisa for her birthday back in 2012. 

The Concord, Massachusetts native shares her adorable daughter with her former husband Evan Gottlieb. However, she is currently married to a fellow journalist Josh Elliott from NBC Sports

Liz And Lulu Got Matching Glitter Tattoos On Their Arms

Liz had taken to Twitter on September 25, 2012, to share an adorable tweet with her fans. The snap that accompanied the tweet featured the mother-daughter duo flaunting two glitter tattoos. Fans were then quick to respond and flooded the tweet with replies in admiration. "Haha brilliant! Very chic," one fan wrote. While another fan responded, "Haha! Love it! Hope we'll get a glimpse of it when you're on the air."  

Louisa, or 'Lulu' as she is lovingly called, got a sparkling blue butterfly with bright purple wings while Liz boasted a silver bodied butterfly with wings in a lighter shade of purple. Put against a white backdrop of what appears to be a towel, Liz's arm looked tanned in contrast to little Lulu's fair complexion.

The daughter of the beautiful news anchor also had faded nail paint on her fingertips. The chic paint on her nails was not uniform though, as her middle finger had remains of blue paint while the rest of the fingers had traces of orange.

According to The Trend Spotter, matching butterfly tattoos signify transformation just like a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly. They are also often associated with nature and freedom. Additionally, in the Christian religion, butterflies represent resurrection. The fact that the mother-daughter duo went for these exact tattoos truly speaks volumes. Especially when you consider the fact that Liz had to undergo an ugly custody battle for her daughter after the divorce with her ex-husband Gottlieb.

Liz's Co-anchor Bill Ritter Got Himself a Tattoo of Her Name

Not long after, on Jan 5, 2013, Liz shared a picture of herself and her Eyewitness News co-anchor Bill Ritter. The snap featured the male news anchor with his t-shirt sleeves rolled up to reveal a picture of Liz fixed to his bicep. 

Liz Cho Co-anchor Bil Ritter Gets A Tattoo On Her Name

Liz Cho Co-anchor Bil Ritter Gets A Tattoo On Her Name (photo: Twitter)

While it would have been concerning if it was a real tattoo, Ritter only pasted a heart-shaped cutout of Liz's picture and her name printed on a white sheet of paper, and captioned humorous gesture by questioning her followers if she should be afraid or flattered. 

Should I be horrified or flattered? MT ' @eyewitnessnyc: Rex Ryan isn't the only one sporting a tattoo...

While it looks like Ritter was enamored by his co-anchor, Liz instead is married to 49-year-old NBC Sports personality Josh Elliott. The couple tied the knot in July 2015, in an outdoor wedding amidst the gorgeous backdrop of the Santa Barbara mountains.