In the world of mountain biking, Matt Jones is considered one of the most talented dirt jumpers. Ever since emerging as a promising slopestyler at the age of 18 in 2013, this professional mountain bike rider and Red Bull athlete has gone on to overcome numerous setbacks to accumulate quite the wealth and prestige.

Matt Jones Fell in Love With MTB at a Young Age

Born in Woburn, Bedfordshire, UK, Jones grew up near the Woburn Trails, one of England’s most popular biking sets. There, he shared a very competitive childhood with his twin brother, constantly pushing each other to come out on top. 

Now, Jones has come a long way from riding the trails with his twin to winning Farm Jam in New Zealand for the third time. He has also achieved top 10 finishes at Vienna Air King and the Bearclaw Invitational and was placed third in the X-Games Red Bull Phenom.

All these achievements owing to his insane talent and hard work, have led him to live a pro Red Bull athlete lifestyle full of adventures, vlogging, events, and interviews.

Matt Pulls in Big Numbers, But What Really is His Net Worth?

Being one of the most popular mountain bike riders means Jones is bound to open more than one financial doorway. Apart from his winnings from multiple contests and mountain bike riding events, he also pulls in sponsorships from renowned brands like Marin Bikes, Halo Wheels, Gusset, and Five Ten. Jones also has been a Red Bull athlete since June 2014.

Nevertheless, the Milton Keynes native is also known for his YouTube channel, where he chronicles his mountain biking journey and daily life. 

However, his actual net worth remains undisclosed at the moment.

Matt Jones is Also Crazy About Motorsports

Mountain bikes may be his first love, but Jones also has an undying passion for fast cars. On his YouTube channel, one can go through well-documented videos of his car adventures. He has vlogged about purchasing automobiles and test riding and endorsed some of the brands on his channel, which includes a World Rally Car and an Aston Martin DB11 AMR.

In one of his videos, after being invited into the Stafford Audi showroom by Stable Lease, he also geeked out over Audi Sports cars and supercars, especially the limited edition V10 R8.

Matt Built the Ultimate Bike Track in His Backyard!

Tons of people all around the world have picked up gardening or backyard projects as a way to stay sane during the COVID-19 lockdown, and Matt Jones is no different. Although, back home in Woburn, Bedfordshire, he did it the MTB slopestyle way.

According to the Redbull website, the British slopestyler hand-built his ultimate bike track in his backyard. With the help of one of his friends who spent the lockdown at this place, Matt built a backyard bike course using over 100 tonnes of dirt so that he could stay on top of his game. One can easily find what it took to build this dream backyard MTB track on his YouTube channel and Instagram.

With having so much time, it was important to find a way to keep riding my bike, this was the only solution.

With a commitment to the mountain bike riding like this, Matt yet again proved why he is one of the best out there. His imaginative flair and hands-on approach is not something to be seen only when he’s competing, but also when he’s making sure he is on top of his game.