American stunt-woman Jessie Graff has often been asserted as a lesbian because of her confined relationship status. But with her possible husband-to-be, has she removed the lesbian tag?

The New York native earned her recognition for her athletic achievements on the sports entertainment competition, American Ninja Warrior. In 2016, she became the first woman to ever complete stage 1 in the American Ninja Warrior Las Vegas national finals and the second woman to conquer the Stage 1 of the Sasuke franchise worldwide.

Brilliant Performance: Jessie Graff performs on American Ninja Warrior finals held in Miami in 2018 (Photo: Jessie Graff's Instagram)

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Jessie attended the 2016 Primetime Emmy Awards and walked the red carpet posing with one of her signature high kicks. She also presented Creative Arts at the Emmy Awards in 2017.

Jessie Graff's Bio; Started Stunt Work In 2007

Born on 12th January 1984, Jessie earned her graduation from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) in 2007. 

After the graduation, Jessie started her stunt work in 2007 appearing in various television shows and movies, that includes X-Men: First ClassMake It or Break ItKnight and DayBad Teacher, and Sons of Anarchy.

In 2008, she took part in the 1st season of the game show series, Wipeout on its tenth episode and finished second in the qualifier round. She started to compete in the fifth season of  American Ninja Warrior in 2013.

As of 2018, she has been the regular contestant of the show and even worked as a stuntwoman on the superhero film, Wonder Woman 1984.

Jessie Graff's Relationship Status; Married To Furtive Husband?

The professional life of Jessie is clear as crystal, but her relationship status is still a mystery to her fans and followers.

She has not flaunted her dating status to the media to the date, and neither gave a clue whether she is married or is in a relationship with her possible boyfriend-like partner.

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However, some of her followers professed the American Ninja Warrior competitor, Drew Drechsel as her possible boyfriend. They even questioned Drew whether they are boyfriend and girlfriend or not.

Replying to the interrogation, Drew stated that Jessie has a husband and he has a girlfriend.

With that being said, it was cleared that Jessie and Drew were not in a relationship. But what stuck more than that was, when Drew revealed that Jessie has a husband. 

It shocked Jessie's fans and followers around the world and seemed like Jessie is secretly married keeping the identity of her husband as a mystery.

Uncanny Married Life Makes Jessie Graff Lesbian?

The obscure personal life of Jessie often shimmers the lesbian rumors around her. As she has not given a clue about her love interest on the opposites sex, she has been avowed as a lesbian couple of times.

Nevertheless, Jessie has not come out as a lesbian nor addressed such rumors through the media or social sites.

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However, it might be inaccurate to assume her as a lesbian because there is a high chance that she might have a furtive husband at the age of 34