The career of American actress Nafessa Williams has been on an upward trajectory since she started portraying the first black lesbian superhero on CW's critically acclaimed series Black Lightning in 2018. 

The actress's character Anissa aka Thunder, is the series lead's daughter and is gay. She is studying to become a doctor.

As the series progresses, she finds out that she is blessed with a superpower to change her body density and attempts to harness the power within her. Her ability gifts her supernatural strength and durability. In addition, she develops an ability to create powerful shockwaves just by stomping.

But it is not just Anissa's realization of the power that is highlighted in the series, her sexuality and relationship with her partner Grace Choi are also put in the spotlight on the show.

Despite having limited roles in the series, Grace is a fan favorite. When she returned in season 3, fans were ecstatic not just to see her but to see the development of the relationship.

Even Nafeesa Williams is excited to see where the relationship heads towards in the fourth season as she wants to see Anissa and Grace get married.

The Philadelphia native, who started her acting career in 2011 as Nicole Gordon in a Meek Mill movie Streets, had portrayed roles in projects such as One Life To Live, COde Black, and Twins Peaks. 

Who Was Nafessa Williams' Anissa Pierce Dating Before Grace Choi?

In the show, Nafessa's character moves out of a troubled relationship with her girlfriend Chenoa and quickly finds love again, this time with her girlfriend, Grace Choi. The latter relationship is a more serene one, with plenty of love and affection on display between the girlfriends as the storyline moves forward.

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The show has been renewed for a fourth season, which is set to premiere in January 2021.

Who is Grace Choi? Who Plays Grace Choi on 'Black Lightning'?

A secondary character in the show, Grace Choi, is played by Canadian actress Chantal Thuy.

The ThunderGrace relationship blossoms when Grace meets Anissa at a library and invites her to a cosplay party at a bar where she is employed. A young Asian-American woman, Grace also has shapeshifting superpowers, which she initially does not reveal to Anissa. However, Anissa wholeheartedly accepts her. 

Lesbian Representation In The Show Matters To The Fans

Along with being famous amongst the DC Comics fandom, Black Lightning has also been able to garner fans from the LGBTQ+ community.

In a panel discussion named 'BAWSE Females of Color Within the DC Universe' held on August 22, 2020, Nafeesa emphasized the importance of the representation of marginalized groups such as LGBTIQ+ in our culture. 

When I think of that I think about all the Black lesbians who may have not been able to visually see themselves when they go to the cinema or they watch their favorite TV shows. It’s one thing of knowing that there was a void for but when you’re in that role and you’re getting the feedback, you realize the importance of it, and how much it’s necessary and how much it’s needed.

She went on to share about an incident that took place at ComicCon that made her feel even more honored to play a Black lesbian superhero. The particular lesbian fan told Nafessa that Anissa's character inspired her to feel "normal." 

Is Nafessa Williams in a Relationship? Is She Married, Engaged, Or Dating?

With the surge in popularity of her convincing portrayal of Anissa on Black Lightning, it's fair that fans want to know about her preferred sexual orientation and relationship status in real life.

In that context, Williams' love life and sexuality remain ambiguous. Still, she remains a vocal supporter of the LGBTIQ+ community. She highly respects how her character Anissa remains undaunted in standing up for her identity and beliefs. 

On her Twitter, though, the Philadelphia native had previously hinted about the memories related to her "bf" or "boyfriend." But, these terms themselves could have a diverse set of meanings and could be used metaphorically for the sake of entertainment as well. 

Still, it's up to the actress to lead her life the way she likes. She is the only person who should be able to disclose her relationship status and sexuality. No one should be judged or assumed to fit another person's narrative.