The political correspondent and chief legal correspondent of CBS News, Jan Crawford appears regularly on the CBS Evening News, Face the Nation, CBS This Morning, and CBS News Sunday Morning.

Well, with her professional life like an open book, her personal life remains under the wrap. So, her fans have shown their curiosity to know about her family life behind the camera. 

So, get to know more about her personal life and married life in the below article!

Jan Crawford's Short Bio (Age): Family, & More!

Born in 1965, in Alabama, to farmer dad, and mother named Jacquie Patricia, Jan grew up in the farms. She graduated from Albert P. Brewer High School, then from the University of Alabama in 1987 and finally from the University of Chicago Law School in 1993.

From 1998 to 2007, she was a legal analysis on the Supreme Court for The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. She provided live coverage on PBS of the Supreme Court confirmation hearings of Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito. Moreover, she also served as the Supreme Court analyst for CBS’s Face the Nation.

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From 2007 to 2009, Crawford worked as a senior legal correspondent for ABC, where she wrote a blog titled Legalities.

In 2010, she started working for CBS, with a blog called Crossroads.

Furthermore, Jan has also taught journalism at American University and often lectures about law schools, the court to universities, legal organizations, and civic groups across the country.

Find out About Jan Crawford's Married Life: Husband & Children!

The 52 aged journalist, Jan Crawford is married to Douglas Greenburg, who is the partner at 'Latham & Watkins' in Washington DC.

The married couple was previously in the same classes of 1993 at the University of Chicago Law School. But, they never shared a warm greeting during the entire session of their college life.

The couple first interacted on the last day of their third year. Well, their love story started blooming from their short chatting at the graduation party.

Similarly, on the same night of the graduation, Crawford asked Greenburg to join her for a Bulls-Sun NBA Playoff game. But unfortunately, Greenburg said that his mother is having a graduation party for him that night. But he told her that he couldn't make it.

Soon after just knowing each other for two months, the couple was deeply and madly in love with each other. Just after two months of knowing each other, the couple got engaged in August and married in the following month.

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The high school sweetheart, who later shared a husband and wife relationship has four beautiful grown-up children, namely: the 21 aged Carolyn; Louisa, 19; Jack, 17; and Page, 14.

Well, it seems she has ended her marital bond with her husband. Jan's activities on social networking sites have reflected her broken relationship with her long-time boyfriend. But the detailed information about their separation and divorce has not disclosed yet.  

On her Instagram post back in April 2013, Jan was spotted spending her romantic time with a strange guy named, Simon Charlton. But she did not clearly mention her relationship with him.

She also uploaded a picture to her Instagram account and wished a wonderful birthday, back in 2014. Well after 2014, Jan is not spotted with that man either. It seems she might have already broken the relationship with him.

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Also known as an author, Jan has uploaded the picture of her children on Christmas day with the caption that reads, "A Merry Merry Christmas Y'all!"

Family Time: Jan Crawford and her children all in smiles (Photo: Jan Crawford's Instagram)

Well, the legal affairs journalist has switched to many networks in her professional career. After graduating from law school, she covered legal affairs for the Tribune and even won the Tribune's top reporting award. Likewise, she left ABC News for the excellent position in CBS.

So, with her long experienced in the media industry, she might enjoy a good net worth, but she has not disclosed the exact amount.