American neo-traditional country singer Teea Goans stepped foot into the music scene in 2010 with her debut album, The Way I Remember It. Since then, she has become famous for her attempts at preserving the traditional country music style.

However, her fame has not made her open up about her private life too much on social media. Fans are still in the dark regarding her age and birth date. Here, we try to compile what information there is about Goans, her age, and her marriage.

Teea Goans’s Origin: Where Is She From?

During her decade-long time in mainstream music, Goans has done many works and made many fans. But even after four studio albums, according to Amazon, her fans don’t know much about her origins.

She has not hidden everything, though. Goans spent her childhood in Lowry City, Missouri. After completing her high school education, she moved to Kansas City. There, she attended Longview Community College and got her associate’s degree.

The singer remained in Kansas till September of 2002, working for Verizon. Then, in a sudden realization of her dreams to be a singer, she set out for Nashville, Tennessee, with a bit of help from her mother, father, and grandmother.

It was in Nashville that her career in the music business started. She initially volunteered to work at WSM Radio, then gradually worked her way up at WSM, initially booking and bringing out guests on the Grand Ole Opry show and later hosting her show.

While doing all these, she had also been writing songs and creating music. She performed demo songs on the Opry, and after a while of doing so, she met Terry Choate, her producer.

And the rest is, as they say, history.

Teea Goans Shares Birthday, But Age?

Teea Goans has never explicitly revealed her age. She has, however, left hints here and there about her birthday.

And, it looks as though she is becoming more open regarding her birthday in recent years. There had been no clues about her birthday up until August 2018. On 20 August 2018, she put up a post on her social media announcing a CD sale of her albums on her birthday week's occasion.

But, even on that post, she did not reply to her fans asking about her age. A user named Cora Wilson wrote on her Facebook post, “Please tell us your age, Teea !! Happy B-Day !”, but her comment went unresponded.

Though not age, her Instagram reveals a bit more about her birthday. On 23 August 2020, she uploaded a collage on Instagram, revealing in the caption that the day was her birthday eve. Going by this post, we can say that her birthday falls on 24 August each year.

However, she is yet to disclose her actual birth date and age. We hope Goans will fulfill her fans’ wishes in the future and tell them how old she actually is.

Is Teea Goans Still Married?

To answer that question in short — Yes, she is still married. In fact, she has been married to the same person for over a decade.

Teea Goans’ husband’s name is Brandon Green. He is also her best friend as her hashtags on pictures with him on Instagram would have us believe.

They got married to one another in 2003, which makes their marriage 17 years old as of 2020. Even if we don't know when their marriage anniversary is, we know that the pair celebrates the anniversary of their first date on 9 August.

But, in those 17 years, they have not had any children. They do, however, have a little kid in their life.

Goans’ Instagram is filled with pictures of her seven-year-old niece, Wrigley. Going by the images she shares, it is clear that they love her very much. They also do various activities with her, like digging up worms in their backyard. Moreover, they even attended her first tap dance recital in July 2020 as she danced to Ready Teddy by Elvis Presley. 

Despite showing such adoration for a kid, the country singer hasn't shed any plans on starting a family of her own. It looks like we’ll have to wait for her to announce something of that sort. Until then, you can enjoy her Instagram pictures, or listen to her on YouTube and Spotify or get her albums on Amazon.