Openly gay Youtuber Garett Watts did not let his sexuality become a topic of a hindrance when it came to finding love. The Youtuber is open to dating and had considered settling down with his boyfriend.

The Memphis, Tennessee-native is a Youtube personality, best known for his comedy content on both vine and Youtube. As of 2018, he has a self-titled Youtube channel with over $2 Million subscribers.

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Garett, aged 29 is a very proud gay man and is proud to be living in this generation where being a sexual minority is not considered taboo. Garett is especially a fan of computer scientist Alan Turing a gay man and a pivotal member responsible for ending the world war II.

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Garett Watts’s Bio: Height, Hobbies, Proud Gay

Born on 16 June 1989, Garett Watts is a tall man with the height of 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm). His family also consists of a brother Andrew, who he loves to hang out with. He attended high school and community college in Arizona and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

The self-professed clumsy Youtuber dons a hat whenever he is at home because he hits his head on things more often than not. He claims that his height added to his clumsiness makes wearing a hat a must whenever he is at home.

The down to earth Youtube sensation has not let the fame, and huge numbers behind his channel get to his head. He is an amiable guy and calls his favorite part about Youtube, getting to interact with his fans. He’s also a huge Harry Potter fan and is proud of the fact that he is gay.

He Boasts Hefty Net Worth At Age Of 29

Garrett began his career as a Youtuber in 2012 when he was just 22 years of age. He first started with videos covering insane facts, life hacks and went on to upload nerdy videos, gameplay, and movies.

Before Youtube, he worked as a casting coordinator at Nigel Lythgoe Productions for the whole 2011. Aside from that, he has also starred in some comedy series such as Girls Will Be Girls 2012 (2012), Space Station 76 (2014) and Shane (2017).

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With over $2 million subscribers on Youtube, Garett boasts his net worth in thousands. According to Socialblade,  he earns a monthly revenue ranging from $1.5K - $23.7K. He generates about $17.8K - $284.3K annually from his Youtube channel.

Added to his other endeavors he boasts a huge net worth as depicted by the lavish house he recently purchased.  

Garett Watts Is Dating Fellow Gay YouTuber

Garett has been in a relationship with Youtuber Shane Dawson for many years, and they’ve collaborated on many videos on each other’s Youtube channel having met on Tinder.

After viewing his profile, Garett ‘super liked’ Shane. However, Shane took some time to respond back as he went through some of his pictures. In those pictures, Shane saw Garett giving a little girl a cigarette, wearing a banana costume and many funny pictures.

But the one that assured Shane that he was his soulmate was the picture where Garett was looking off into the sunset although Shane saw it differently. He said in a collab video ‘it looked like you were trying to kill yourself.’. That was when he knew Garett was the one.

The high pitched humourous couple have been going strong in recent years. Both Garett and his boyfriend reciprocate love for one another in their social media sites and can’t live without another for even a single day.

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Drunk in love: Garett showers his boyfriend, Shane with love on his birthday on 19 July 2018. (Photo: Instagram)

During 19 July 2018, Garett showered Shane with loads of love through a heartwarming post, wishing him a happy birthday. Their perfect relationship has become a relationship goal for many of their fans - gay or otherwise.

With the couple comfortable with each other and really happy to share each other's company it seems it is just a matter of when not if, they take their relationship to newer heights.