Adventure lover Emily Riedel has achieved a great height of success at the age of 30 and she travels smoothly where her profession takes her. But her love life is different with some bumps on its way. However, her family has always been by her side as a strong pillar.

Alaska native describes herself as a professional gold chaser, classical singer, rock and ice climbing enthusiast as per her Instagram bio. She is best known for starring as the captain of The Eroica on Discovery Channel’s Bering Sea Gold and Bering Sea Gold Under the Ice.

Bering Sea Gold: Emily Riedel dives into a search for gold in the sea for her Discovery show (Published on 28 August 2017)

She’s also been to numerous radio and TV talk shows and has her own group of fans with 11.3k followers on Instagram.

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Here are some fascinating wiki facts of the adventurous lady that includes her bio, net worth, career and family.

1. Emily Riedel’s Bio: Blessed With Supportive Family

Emily Riedel was born on 4th July 1988 as the daughter of Steve Riedel and mother whose name is still unknown to us. She grew up with her siblings, brother named Nate and a sister in Alaska. She is also a pet lover and has an adorable dog named Kiska whom she often shares posts about on her social sites.

Emily is blessed with a happy and supportive family. Her father, Steve Riedel supported her when she decided to start the job of gold mining. He has also been featured in different reality shows with her.

Motherly Love: Emily Riedel wishes her mother on the special occasion of mother's day from Facebook on 8 May 2016 (Photo: Emily's Facebook)

Although she does not reveal much about them in front of the media, she is fond of flaunting them on social media sites. She wished both her parents happy mothers day and happy fathers day on the special occasion via Facebook.

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Not just that, she also has an excellent connection with her siblings, a brother, and a sister, who are frequently mentioned on her social media sites.

2. Emily Riedel’s Career Change From Opera Singer To Gold Miner

The adventurous Emily who stands at the towering height of 5 feet 11 inches ( 1.8 meters) started her career as an Opera singer before teaming up with her father in the gold mining business. She and her father invested in the field of gold mining after Emily sought a career change.

Before that, her family was involved in fishing for survival. When her childhood friend Zeke invited her in Nome, Alaska for gold digging, she gave it a shot.

According to the wiki, she was given the job of a deckhead on Zeke’s ship known as The Clark. Later she worked on The Edge which was captained by Zeke himself.

Emily then became the first female dredge owner and captain, leading her team on the dredge, The Eroica and later went onto star in the Discovery show which she is quite famous for. Her show Bering Sea Gold is on its 10th Season which was released on the month of June in 2018.

She has also been involved in the Discovery network through the project for conserving acres of Tiger, named as ProjectCat.

The show helped her establish a career in gold mining. The show premiered on 27 January 2012, and as one of the lead cast member, she has appeared in all the episodes.

3. Emily Riedel: Chooses to Focus on Profession, No Time For Love

Emily was once in love with her captain Zeke but was in an on and off relationship with him. In an interview with Ora on 20 February 2013, she addressed the problems with her former boyfriend, Zeke saying:

We have had problems in our relationships. We have had a lot of turmoil. Like he was in love with me and I was in love with him. And then something really big happened to really mess up our lives.

In the same interview, Zeke described himself as a work-loving guy who chooses to focus on his work. Furthermore, he added that he does not have any room for romance and relationships for him at this moment.

It Was Serious: Emily Riedel with her former Boyfriend Zeke talk about their problematic relationship in an interview with Ora on 20 February 2013 (

With both the partners heavily focused on making it big in their career, they decided to bring an end to their dating life.

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As of now, Emily's dating life has not figured in the media yet. She could be keeping her work a priority rather than love, and with the new season of Bering Sea Gold to come, she could be focusing more on that.

4. Emily Riedel Earns Net Worth In Millions Through Singing And Gold Mining

Emily started her career as an opera singer earning an estimated salary between $100K-200K per annum. However, needing a kick in her life, she turned towards her father's business of gold mining and became a part of Bering Sea Gold.

When Bering Sea Gold aired in 2012  as a pilot, Emily Riedel’s net worth was estimated to be $250,000. This is what she earned from the reality show, and probably some other source of income, like the one she had with Zeke Tenhoff.

And with the show which later went onto being one of the highest grossing shows over the years in the Discovery Network, she commands a salary in six figures with the network. Adding to that, the gold collected by her crew, she might currently boast net worth in millions.