After getting engaged to a fellow YouTube Star, who had a bizarre engagement proposal, Ella Mielniczenko was excited what would happen next in their romantic journey. After getting engaged, the pair had even set the dates for their wedding bells to chyme!

The American internet personality is the executive producer of the hit media company, Buzzfeed. Ella not only is the executive producer in Buzzfeed but also is a content creator for the lifestyle magazine and has penned hundreds of articles for the e-mag.

Partners: Ella Mielniczenko & her fiance, Hannah Hart talk about worst things about dating girls (Published on 25 March 2018)

She is more prominently known for directing a couple of episodes of the Buzzfeed series called Unfortunatly Ashly.

Ella Mielniczenko's Wiki-Like-Bio(Age): Studied In Italy

According to wiki sites, Ella Mielniczenko was born on 25 September 1990 in Los Angeles, California, as Micaela Mielniczenko.

Although she studied abroad for a semester in Italy through the University of Virginia, she graduated with a BA in visual media arts from Emerson College.

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Ella Mielniczenko’s Dating Recap With YouTube-Star Girlfriend, Hannah Hart

When it comes to fans shipping their desired celebrities together, Ella, age 27, and Hannah, age 31, would easily be on that list. Fortunately, they are together and dating since April 2016.

The story of how Hannah and Ella met is also interesting. They were sat next to each other at a cocktail class and their mutual friend, Ashly Perez, did both the girlfriends and the fans a favor after suggesting to them that they should be dating each other.

That advice paid off, which saw the shipping come true--they’re one of the many lesbian couples out there, who are going strong and proving people who believe that being different isn’t okay, that it’s more than okay: it’s splendid!

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Ella Mielniczenko & Hannah Hart--Nearly Did Not Get Engaged

Ella Mielniczenko and Hannah Hart got engaged on 27 July 2018. After Hannah proposed on their vacation trip to Hawaii, she announced their engagement news on her YouTube channel – which has 2.5 million subscribers earning her the monthly income of $433 to $6.9K. 

Speaking to People magazine, Hannah told about her 'big change,' and how did she and Ella get engaged,

“The big change ahead for me is that I’ve found someone that I want to spend my life with. You guessed it! I asked Ella to marry me and she said yes. We’re engaged! Two engaged people.”

Hannah planned to surprise Ella with a pear-shaped diamond, although she had to compromise the proposal plan as she forgot the engagement ring at home while traveling to Japan. To add more misfortunes to Hannah's plan, their flight was rerouted to Hawaii due to bad weather.

Engagement Ring: Ella Mielniczenko got engaged with her longtime girlfriend, Hannah Hart on 27 July 2018 (Photo: Ella Mielniczenko's Instagram)

But love prevailed as the ring, fortunately, was delivered just in time to her in Hawaii. Hannah hid it in a sandcastle bucket under bottles of champagnes, and while Ella was clueless, Hannah got down on her knees and asked her to marry her.

Hannah- reminiscing to when she was five years old, she further told,

“If you asked five-year-old Hannah for her dream, she would say it’s to have a family. And as I accepted my sexuality and realised how little out-there queerness there is in the world, I got really scared that I would never have the chance to meet somebody for my life.’

Speaking to People magazine about the engagement, Hanah further stated that being engaged as a lesbian couple was the same as being engaged as a straight couple; that the LGBT relationships didn't get as much of a positive feedback as the heterosexual relationships did.

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Then there was Ella. She was completely amazed by that ‘disaster of a proposal plan,’ which Hannah jokingly claimed to have been a good one. She shared her happiness and surprise to the magazine,

‘I thought she was pranking me because we fake propose to each other in bad situations — like at the line at IKEA on a Saturday — until she pulled out the box.’

Since then, the engaged couple has been sharing several pictures from their proposal. Aside from that, they’ve also announced that they’ll be getting married in 2020.