English actor Daniel Sharman was recently seen portraying the role of the weeping monk in season 1 of the Netflix’s period drama Cursed—that released on July 17, 2020.

Speaking with Looper.com, the former Medici star shared his first impression of reading the script of the show, and how that impression challenged him to join the cast of the series.

'Cursed' Twisted Take on Arthurian Legend Impressed Daniel Sharman

Growing up, Daniel Sharman always looked at the story of Arthurian legend from a very well-established version—it featured King Arthur as the main protagonist of medieval Britain.

But when he read the script of the reimagined Arthurian-legend-turned-series, Cursed, he was impressed with the twisted take on the historical tale.


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Talking to Looper in July 2020, the 34-years-old actor shared that one of the reasons why he wanted to be part of the series Cursed was because the new show promised a challenging and subverted narrative on the Arthurian legend.

One of the reasons I wanted to do it is because it was such a twist. My interpretation of [these stories] was always this very stereotypical version of Arthurian legend, and to have that subverted was really cool. It challenged my idea of what that would look like.

When aggregating his motivation to work in the series, the London Brough of Hackney Native realized that the project would come with “plenty of surprises along the way.” He thought that the reinvention of a popular story that “had been done a million times” must “have to have a reason” for existing.

The actor had been living in the United States for years, but he made a return to his home country (Britain) after a long time to participate in the filming of Cursed.

‘Cursed’ Season 1 Plot

Netflix’s fantasy drama series Cursed is a reimagination of the legendary tale of King Arthur.

Hence, the reimagination introduces younger Nimue  (played by Katherine Langford) as the main protagonist instead of King Arthur.

The narrative of the series begins when the Christian monks’ group, Red Paladins, and their bravest warrior, the Weeping Monk (played by Daniel Sharman), attack Nimue’s village Dewdenn.

The monks are after Fey tribe because they believe that magic practiced by the tribe is against their religion. In addition, the religiously motivated group also dislike the fact that some Fey members possess devil-alike wings and horns. 

After the Red Paladings attack on Dewdenn, Nimue escapes safely along with a few of her people (Fey tribe).

Following that, the warrior(ish) wielder of mysterious power, Nimue, goes on to the quest to save her people from the Red Paladin brothers and The Trinity Guards.

She has also sworn to her dying mother to bring the Sword of Power to her biological father, Merlin the magician (played by Gustaf Skarsgard).

Meanwhile, the legendary Arthur (played by Devon Terrell) plays a young and charming mercenary who stays by the side of Nimue during all of her journeys.


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Cursed is now streaming on Netflix.