Despite having a long on-and-off relationship, Connie Chung finally settled with a husband and now lives with two daughters and an adopted son. 

Connie Chung, an American journalist, and reporter for US News televisions believes that doing nothing together with her husband has made their relationship stronger than ever. Indeed, the bond that she shares with her man is something we all wish to have.

Sexual Assault: Connie Chung opens up about sexual assault she had to face by her doctor in the letter to Christine Blasey Ford (Published on Oct 4, 20)

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Connie Chung recently revealed that she was sexually assaulted by her doctor in an op-ed letter to Christine Blasey Ford, Judge Brett Kavanaugh's accuser. She wrote the letter to open up and show her support to the accused Christine. 

Connie Chung Bio: Age, Parents, Education

Connie Chung was born on 20 August 1946 in Washington DC, the United States of America. Both her parents had immigrated to the US from China.

Her father Willian Ling was in the Chinese Nationalist Government and had six children with her mother. All five of her siblings had died during the war in China. Much information about her mother is not available as Connie has particularly private about that. 

The Washington native went to Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland. She later grew an interest in journalism and media with the passage of time and so, received a degree in journalism from the University of Maryland, College Park in 1969. 

Connie Chung Meets Maury, Love During Hard Times

Connie Chung, who wasn’t sure about the relationship, is living a family life in delight with her husband Maury Povich, who is a Metromedia anchorman. 

They first met in 1969 when they were both climbing the ladder of success. The duo met when they were working for WTTG. At that time, Maury was an anchor there, and Connie was a copy girl.

Later in 1976, they both took steps towards their career in separate ways. Maury went to Chicago, and Connie was in Los Angeles living her dream. They did not see each other and were out of contact until they were teamed up as anchors on KNXT in Los Angeles.

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Back then, Maury was going through a problematic phase as he was handling the salary dispute with the station at Chicago, and his marriage which was on the verge of collapsing.

During his time of hardship, Maury turned to Connie for compassion. They would meet up and Connie, in turn, would lift him up both emotionally and mentally. According to Maury, that is when the duo started hitting it off.

But later in 1978, Maury was on the move again, and their romance took a break. Maury expressed they both felt distant and were estranged. Meanwhile, they then started re-evaluating their life and did not see each other for six months.

After that, they both decided on becoming pen pals. Even though they both were not involved romantically, they both began missing each other. While they were seeing other people, they came to realize how much they meant to one other. By the summer of 1983, when Maury was in Washington, they both were back on track again.

Connie Finally Made Maury Husband 

Nevertheless, they both were in on and off relationship which finally made it to the wedding ceremony. Even though Connie and Maury weren’t sure that they wanted to marry, the couple tied the nuptial knot on 2 December 1984 after seven years of dating.

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The marriage did not bring much change into their lifestyle, as they would still live apart and see each other only on weekends; to be precise, eight days a month.

In the meantime, their friends believe that the couple is a perfect match for each other. According to one of their friends, they are the only ones who could tolerate each other. 

Retired Connie Chung Has An Adopted Son

Today, after nearly 33 years of marriage, the husband-and-wife duo has finally settled. Connie, who has a net worth of $15 million, is much open about the relationship that they share.

She opened up with Closer Weekly revealing her secret to perfect marriage is not to do anything together. Her list of secrets also involves providing freedom and not imposing their friends on each other.

The duo, who has their relationship at the brim, is parents to three of their children. The pair adopted a son, Mathew in 1995 and also has two daughters, Susan, and Amy from Maury’s previous marriage.

Furthermore, the TV icon, who left the world of journalism for the family, has not actually retired but is enjoying her life raising her son away from the national spotlight.