Charlie Kirk, who is married to his work as a host, author, writer, and activist has found time for love as is displayed in his social media account. While his months-long support for the re-election of President Donald Trump has been misspent, Charlie has been successful in fostering his relationship with his partner, Erika Fantzve whom he proposed recently.

The devout Christian and conservative activist seems to have found his pair in Fantzve since she too shares his political and religious views. Let’s find out more about this exciting news!

Political Pundit, Charlie Kirk Proposed To His Partner And She Said Yes!

Amidst the downhill tumble of the Trump Presidency and the unrest created after the presidential election, Charlie Kirk has found solace in the arms of his lover and soon-to-be wife, Erika Fantzve.

Yes! Charlie Kirk is engaged and we might soon hear the news of his marriage. Charlie shared a romantic picture of him standing on his knees while Erika is seen caressing him. 

Charlie's excitement is apparent in the 2nd December 2020 post. 

...she said yes ♥️

On the other side, Erika also shared the excitement of getting proposed by the man she loves. She shared some adorable clicks of the couple as they decided to devote their lives to each other. She credited that moment to God as she captioned:

…when God writes your love story, you get to marry your best friend.

Charlie’s Fiancé Is A Devout Christian And Political Conservative Like Him

We cannot deny the fact that Charlie is Erika’s best friend as she shares similar interests to him. Charlie, as we know through his radio show and social media, is a devout Christian. He has time and again referenced Jesus Christ and Christianity in most of his interviews.

Like Charlie, Erika also has been quite vocal about her faith in Jesus Christ and Christianity.

Erika was called as a panel member in the Faith Summit: Mobilizing The Next Generation. The summit was called in hopes of influencing the next generation of Christian voters to preserve the Christian faith and the Constitution of America. In the summit, Erika shared her views on voting rights for Christians.

…now more than ever we need to understand why we stand for Jesus Christ

Not only does the couple share the same religious beliefs but they also have the same political philosophy. Charlie has shared his strong views on Conservative philosophy in the Western Conservative Summit 2019. 

Both Charlie and Erika are a famous power couple in support of radical conservative America. The couple has been seen on many events supporting Trump and his political views.

Charlie’s Instagram is filled with pictures of him supporting Trump and one post stands out from the rest – The soon-to-be-wed couple taking a picture with President Trump himself. More recently, they were seen in one of Trump’s rallies, held in Washington DC on August 28, 2020, for the presidential election.

As a social media influencer, Charlie and Erika have pushed numerous posts inclined to have Trump for the second term of presidency. 

Sharing similar ideologies has perhaps played an important role in the couple’s togetherness, first as best friends, then as lovers. Although Charlie is preoccupied with his recent engagement with Erika, he is also invested in his fight against the recent voter turnout supporting President-Elect Joe Biden for the 59th Presidential inauguration. Amidst all this, the couple is most likely planning a Christian wedding for the days to come.