When senior pastor Robert Jeffress entered West Junior High School in Richardson as a kid, a teacher challenged him to find five non-Christian students and befriend them—to pray for them and invite each one to Christ.

Young Jeffress took on the challenge, and all five of the non-Christian friends he made pledged their hearts to Christ during the course of the school year. Among the five was a girl named Amy Lyon Renard, who was with him in maths class.

By the time the two got to ninth grade, he had managed to persuade her to become a Christian. Later, he brought her to an evangelical event at the church, and she converted.

According to Renard, she had a feeling that she was going to marry him when she was just 12. And just ten years later, the two did eventually get married.

Fresh out of college, the pair tied the knot on Jul 30, 1977. Dr. W.A. Criswell, the pastor for whom Jeffress had worked as an acolyte, personally performed the ceremony.

‘Strangers In The Night’ is Rober Jeffress And His Wife’s Favorite Songs

While many people know Jeffress for his sermons, speeches, books, and $135 million reconstructions of the baptist megachurch, First Baptist Dallas, he also has a side of him few comprehend.

When he was in college, Jeffress earned money playing accordion in polka bands. Along with that, he can also play the piano.

In an interview with Dallas News, he commented that Strangers in the Night was his and his wife’s song. 

Jeffress and His Wife have Participated in the game show ‘Let’s Make A Deal’

Aside from music, Robert also loves game shows. Back in the 80s, when he needed a new car and had only $1000 in his bank account, he decided to participate in winning the cash prize instead of buying a used car or taking out a loan.

Card Sharks was the game show that offered the highest amount of daily cash prizes. He traveled to Los Angeles and took part in the show. There, he became a four-day champion and won more than $4000!

He and his wife also took part in Let’s Make a Deal when they were in their twenties, where Renard was dressed as a convict in a striped suit, and the pastor came as a six-foot banana.

Robert Jeffress and Wife Amy Lyon Renard’s Marriage Extends Four Decades 

Jeffress and Renard have been together for 43 years. The First Baptist Dallas senior pastor and his wife have raised two daughters, Julia and Dorothy.

Julia is the director of next-generation ministries at First Baptist Dallas, where she develops content to impact teens, college-age, singles, and young mothers. She is also an author who penned Pray Big Things, a Christian literature book published on Sept 2, 2019.


Life update: 👨‍👦‍👦👩‍👧 1. We took three two-year-olds on a cross country road trip & survived! 💪ðŸÂ¼ 2. I now regularly ask Ryan if he took my ponytail holder! 😂 3. We’re still going stay at home strong 4+ months later. Yes, we know things are open but living in the hospital is one of the worst things we’ve been through and really don’t want to go back! This trip was a mask wearing, Clorox obsessing, fun but extremely limited trip after months of “home-schooling.” ðŸÂ¡ 4. I have a new job as the Director of Next Gen Ministries @firstdallas that I’m super excited about after over a decade in student ministry. Student Min will always hold a special place in my heart! I’ll still be around since I’m pretty close to the student minister! So many cool things coming soon! 🙌 5. Rattled is rerunning on @tlc right now! 📺 6. Pray Big Things is almost a year old! Can’t wait to share how we are celebrating! 🥳 7. This year may not be anyone’s favorite but God is still GOOD! ðŸ™ÂðŸÂ» #thesadlerdiaries #praybigthings #rattled #miraclebabies #tripletsofinstagram

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