American comedian and political commentator Chad Prather has been married to Jade Prather. They are parents to five children: three daughters and two sons. However, they do not have biological children of their own, together.

Chad Is Running For The Governor Of Texas

Chad Prather has some huge plans lining up for the future. Prather has decided to halt his political commentary and jump straight into politics instead, by running for the governor of Texas. He announced publicly via Twitter in July 2020.

Initially, his fans interpreted the announcement as a joke and they wouldn't believe him. But Prather took to the replies and confirmed that he is in fact running for office.

To support his campaign, his online store immediately started merchandise. Another sure shot support for his campaign came from his fan club on Facebook.

Who Is Chad Prather?

Chad Prather is a Southern comedian, humorist, motivational speaker, Youtuber, television personality, and host of Blaze TV's The Chad Prather Show. He initially rose to fame after his rant video Unapologetically Southern went viral in 2015. The video was a response to an insulting message by a viewer who targeted his Southern accent and culture.

After the Ramsey, New Jersey native became an internet star following the viral video, he was featured on Fox and Friends Weekend, where he emphasized that people should rather try to learn about other cultures instead of stereotyping them. 


It's pretty easy to stereotype folks from the South...They hear a dialect and they hear a slang and they want to make fun of it....With the world being as small as it is, I think it's necessary that we learn to embrace other cultures...You see the differences and you don't hate them, you don't stereotype them. You just learn to appreciate them.

Who is Chad Prather's WIfe?

Prather is married to Jade Prather. She is a professional nurse who previously practiced Trauma nursing at THR Harris Methodist FW Hospital in Fort Worth, TX. Currently, she practices nursing at Cook Children's Pediatrics

According to Cook CHildren's official website, the University of Texas graduate has been practicing nursing for the past 14 years.

Chad Prather's Wife Jade Prather Appears in his Videos Regularly

Jade Prather regularly makes appearances on her husband's podcasts, videos, and social media.

An earnest reflection of their relationship can be found in one of Chad's podcasts in 2019. Jade joined her husband on the 40th episode of his podcast and joined the discussions surrounding politics, Chad's fame, facing hate on social media and fans. They even talked about how they stuck together and worked on Prather's struggle with depression.

Similarly, Jade also featured in his video Getting Real About Faith With My Wife in 2019 where they talk about their faith and church. They seem to be on the same page when it comes to morals, political views, and beliefs.

In addition to that, he has posted multiple hilarious videos on YouTube about his wife and family life. Some of them are titled My wife is so lucky, and Marriage and Sleep amongst many.

Chad is a Father of Five Children

Chad Prather and his wife Jade Prather are parents to five children: three daughters and two sons. However, they do not have biological children of their own, together.

Amongst five children, four of the children, three daughters, and one son are from Chad's first marriage, whereas the one child is a son from Jade's previous marriage.

Talking about Chad's first marriage, there isn't much known about his first wife or first marriage.

But what's known instead is how much Prather likes to reference his family life and kids into the punch lines of his jokes, often quipping about the number of children he has. Here's Prather joking about his family life and kids in one of his stage shows.