The right wing's favorite cowboy hat-wearing comedian, Chad Prather, is back on road with his 'Am I Crazy' tour. The brazenly southern humourist and internet personality is famous for his humorous takes on modern culture, politics, and current affairs.

But now he has decided to up his ante by deciding to run for the governor of Texas in 2022.

Who is Chad Prather?

Chad Prather became a household name when his response to an insulting message about his Southern accent went viral on YouTube back in 2015.

The response video titled "Unapologetically Southern" garnered so much attention that he was invited to Fox and Friends Weekend where he spoke out against people who mock the Southern heritage and accent.

From then on, he has been unapologetically using humor to not just make people laugh but take his observational rants to stage, his YouTube, and television.

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Where can Fans Find Chad Prather’s 'Am I Crazy' Tour Date Tickets And Venues Information?

Prather's ongoing 'Am I Crazy' tour started mid-October in West Palm Beach, Florida, and is set to take place in various states across the US.


West Palm Beach!

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The tour dates are available on his official site with links to websites for purchasing tickets. Fans can also find tickets on his official Facebook page. The tour is ultimately slated to conclude in The Woodlands, Texas on May 2, 2021.

What is 'Am I Crazy Tour' About?

It may sound crazy but there isn't any resourceful information as to what Prather's 'Am I Crazy' Tour will be about. However, his observational rants leaning towards the conservative views are abundant on the internet, and judging by them, there wouldn't be short of them during the tour.

In the years succeeding his first viral video that made Prather famous, his subsequent rants have gone beyond defending his Southern roots that makes him exceedingly proud. Viewers have been bewitched by the smoothness and precision by the way he delivers his arguments in favor of the right, all the while keeping things PG-13. This very characteristic can be found whenever he is on stage or in front of the camera. So, this is a heads up on one thing the "Am I Crazy" tour can provide the audience.

Another thing to notice about Prather is that he is quite vocal on his Twitter account with his recent tweets heavily focused on the upcoming US election, especially on calling out Democratic candidate Joe Biden. This could be another topic that Prather is expected to heavily cover on the "Am I Crazy" tour.

How Much is Chad Prather’s Net Worth?

Single admission for the first show of the "Am I Crazy" tour in Palm Beach Improv was around $27. While his popularity would certainly have a large number of people attending his shows, touring isn't the only way Prather earns his money. He also performs for various events or makes appearances as a guest speaker. For his shows-for-hire, Prather charges anywhere between $15 thousand to $30 thousand per event.

There are also other approaches Prather has taken that contribute to his net worth. A steady income is definitely through his YouTube account with over 227k followers.

In addition to that, he also has a podcast called 'The Chad Prather Show' on the Blaze TV network. And when you've finished listening to him there, you can also listen to his musical ventures. He recently released his album Y'all Shut Up! which is not available on Apple Music.

What's more, fans could also see him making appearances for television channels like Fox News, CNN, A&E, The Blaze, MSN, and more. 

And finally, like any other popular personality, Prather brings in quite the cash by selling merchandise. He has a designated page on his website for merch expressing expresses pride in the Southern roots and the right-wing agendas.


Get em while they last.

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Although publicly undisclosed, with all these business ventures, shows, and tours, Prather could be estimated to have a 7 figure net worth. But we should avoid making conclusions and wait for a proper financial source to analyze his net worth.

Chad Prather is all Set to Start His Political Career

Prather has spent a bigger half of his career making people think and laugh via his shows but there is one particular issue that the comedian is not joking or gossiping about. After he is done spreading his conservative views, laughter, and opinions on his tour around the US, Prather is all set to spread his policies.

Yes, Chris Prather has decided to run for the governor of Texas in 2022 against current republican governor Gov. Greg Abbott. He made a public announcement via his Twitter account back in July 2020.

His announcement came as a surprise to many, with many of his fans deducing it as another of his jokes. However, he replied with actual confirmation of his plans to run for real. 

Furthermore, his store promptly started selling merchandise as part of his Texas Governor campaign.

A Right-wing Comedian With a Dedicated fan club for a Governor?

Given the country's track record with outspoken and unfiltered speaker Donald Trump, he might have a chance. But for now, Chad Prather's focus remains on his 'Am I Crazy' tour.


He’s definitely not wrong! Shirt link in my bio.

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On his website, Prather, who is a Trump supporter,  writes, "...I am a life long conservative. I’m not a republican and I’ve never registered with any political party. I am pro-life and I believe in limited government..."