The husband-wife duo of Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt from the HGTV hit show, 100 Day Dream Home, are the winners of another HGTV show, Rock The Block Season 2— after they made it to the season finale of the prior.

They appeared in the show alongside Nate Berkus, Mike Holmes, and Ty Pennington.

Team Brian and Mika Won the Title of 'Rock The Block'

On April 13, 2021, Brian and Mika were announced as the winners of Rock The Block Season 2.

The Kleinschmidt’s slow-and-steady family-friendly design impressed the judges throughout the whole season. Interestingly, the couple didn’t win a single individual challenge over the course of the series, but their resilience paid off in the end.

Expressing his happiness, Brian shared a few stories on Instagram Stories whereas Mika shared a post on Instagram, writing the importance of resilience.

Brian Kleinschmidt showing his happiness in Instagram Stories.

Brian Kleinschmidt showing his happiness in Instagram Stories. (Photo: Instagram)

In her post, she wrote, “There are no words to describe this ending.” She further added that she was proud to teach her daughter that resilience pays off.

I'm most proud that I was able to show my 12 year old daughter that resilience pays off and that you have to keep pushing.

A 'Bitter-Sweet Day' for Brian and Mika

According to IMDb, the first episode of Rock The Block's second season, titled ‘Rock the Kitchens,’ aired on March 8, 2021. And Brain took to his Instagram the same day to post a celebratory message about their participation on the show.

The post, which was done before the show’s airing, contained a couple of behind-the-scenes shots, including a video and a picture of the couple. In the video, we can see Brian and Mika dancing and getting hyped for Rock The Block's season premiere.

Mika went on to say that they were ready for the show and that the cast of the show was very talented. Then, Brian made a joke saying, “We ain’t scared,” a couple of times before confessing that they were actually freaking out about the show towards the end of the video.

In the accompanying selfie, the excited duo was standing in front of what looks like a construction site. 

The caption of the post encapsulated their emotions regarding the end of 100 Day Dream House and the start of season two of Rock The Block.

“Bitter-Sweet day for us…” the caption started as Brian explained that the season two finale of 100 Day Dream Home and the season two premiere of Rock The Block were both on the same day.

He then ended the caption by encouraging the viewers to join them in the premiere on HGTV.

What Is 'Rock The Block' About?

Rock The Block is a show about women like Mika Kleinschmidt, home designers and professionals. It is a show where all the participants are given four weeks and $175,000 each to give the houses that they work on a unique style.

The first season of the show aired in 2019, with the first episode on October 21, 2019. It had four episodes in total.

The second season has just started, and even though we know the second episode is titled ‘Rock the Living Rooms,’ the names of other episodes haven’t been released on HGTV’s website yet.

 Before Brian was a part of Rock the Block and 100 Day Dream Home, he had only two TV experiences. The first TV experience he gained was on the TV series The Amazing Race in 2009. He appeared as a contestant on the show and was featured on 11 episodes.

The second show business experience he had was on Shark Tank in 2015. At the time, he was trying to do something for himself with a company called EZ-Pee-Z and pitched his idea for a potty-training device in front of the sharks.