Anne Stringfield remained an enigmatic figure despite being married to one of the most prominent comedians and actors on Earth, Steve Martin.

Before gaining recognition as being wife to Steve Martin, the 46-year-old was an editor and fact checker for The New Yorker Magazine. Later, working as a freelance writer, she made a name for herself by reviewing art and off-Broadway plays for magazines like Vogue.

To shine a light on Anne and her relationship with Martin, their wedding, their daughter and her family, we have compiled a list of fascinating wikis.

1. Wiki-Like Bio: Family & Career

Born as Anne Powell Stringfield on 1972 in Pensacola, Florida, the 46-year-old writer’s father, Dr. James Stringfield was a pulmonologist, while her mother worked as an archaeologist at the University of West Florida. They were a family of four; she has a younger sister.

Mary shares her birthday with International stars such as Indian phenomenon Rajnikanth and late great singer Frank Sinatra. 

After graduating from Pensacola High School in 1990, she enrolled in Davidson College and graduated four years later.

Soon after finishing college, she made a move to New York to pursue her artistic aspirations. Her decision to relocate to the big apple paid off as she was hired as a staff writer for The New Yorker. At the time when she met Steve Martin, she was still employed at the paper as a fact-checker and an editor.

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2. 26 Years Age Difference

Anne Stringfield met Steve in the mid-2000s. They bonded over their mutual love for art -- Anne used to pen reviews for Vogue while Steve was a known art collector and a trustee of the Los Angeles Museum of Art.

Steve’s $130 million net worth has funded the duo’s obsession with art.

Specs Gang: Anne and her husband, Steve attend 2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party at Wells Annenberg Center on 25 February 2015. (Photo: Getty Images)

Their meeting was facilitated by her work at the New Yorker after she was assigned to check one of Steve’s comedy pieces. Upon meeting her, Steve was enticed by her shyness. Later he would describe seeing her for the first time as “violet by a mossy stone,” a reference to William Wordsworth.

Over time, their love grew stronger despite having 26 years of age difference.

3. Anne And Husband Surprise Family Members By Announcing Wedding In 2007

By 2007, Anne had been dating Steve for three years. Surprising all their family and friends, the couple announced their decision to expand their bio as married for life. 

They threw a party at Steve’s L.A. home in July that year and declared themselves a husband and a wife in an outdoor wedding.

The guest's list at the surprise wedding boasted numerous A-List celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Eugene Levy, Ricky Jay and Carl Reiner. Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels was the best man at the wedding, while Anne’s sister was the designated Bridesmaid.

The newlyweds chose West Indies as their honeymoon destination.

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4.Gives Birth To Daughter At Age 40

Anne and her husband, Steve were blessed with a daughter, Mary in December 2012. At age 67, Steve became a father for the first time with the birth of their daughter. His previous marriage to British actress Bernadette Peters yielded neither a son nor a daughter.

Mother's Day Out: Anne was pictured with her daughter, Mary for the first time in 2014 (Photo:  

Speaking to David Letterman in 2013 interview, he confessed to having a fear that he might turn out to be a lousy parent and shared experience of parenting a child at his age. He would then go on to tell that they had planned initially to name their daughter Conquistador but later changed to Mary.

After Mary’s birth, Anne has only made a few public appearances.