Instead of quizzing American journalist, Amy Kellogg on her journalistic works of the past and the present, fans of the veteran reporter had always desired to know about her relationship status; more importantly, her married life.

Amy Kellogg is a news reporter famously known for her work on the Fox News Channel. Previous on FNC, she worked as a television reporter in Pennsylvania and Syracuse. Also, she has reported from numerous countries including Iran, Chechnya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Poland, India, and Africa in her journalism career.

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At present, the veteran Fox News reporter serves as the Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent based in Milan, Italy.

Amy Kellog's Bio: Age & Family

As of her family, she has not disclosed any details to date, but it’s known that she was born in 1965. As per her bio, she is a graduate of Brown University in Soviet with a B.A degree.

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Amy, age 53, holds M.A degree from Stanford University in Russian and East European Studies. She is fluent in Spanish and French. Her fluency in Russian has made her a go-to Fox News reporter for news based on Russia.

Amy Kellogg At Fox News

Amy Kellogg, at the age of 34, joined Fox News Channel in 1999 as a Moscow-based correspondent. During her tenure at FNC, Amy has covered high-profile international stories traveling all over the world. She has covered political as well as social stories including Iranian and Iraqi war veterans suffering.

In 2001, she reported from Pakistan and Afghanistan and also from Saudi Arabia Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and aboard the USS Stennis in the Arabian Sea.

Amy has traveled all over the World and provided depth coverage of the life of Pope John Paul II in 2005, the London transit bombings, the wedding of the Prince of Wales to Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker-Bowles and also on the Mumbai train bombings in 2006.

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Before working at FNC, she served at WNEP-TV in Scranton, PA, WBRE-TV in Wilkes-Barre PA, News 12 New Jersey and WSYT-TV in Syracuse, NY.

Working as a Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent for Fox News based in Milan, she earns an impressive salary from the network.

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As per Paysa, senior correspondent at FNC earns an average salary of $115,988 per year and top earners are likely to receive more than $135,253. As Amy is an experienced journalist and has been with the network since 1999, she undoubtedly included in the top earner list.

Amy Kellogg's Relationship Status At Age 53; Is She Married?

The 53-year-old news reporter has successfully established her journalism career, and it is well-known to most of the people. But she remains cautious when it comes to her love affairs and relationships as she has never let anyone take a clue about it.

Constant-traveller Amy has journeyed all over the world and dedicated her entire life to journalism. And it could be the reason that she had never thought on devoting her time for dating.

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She had been abroad so long that she didn’t even have a permanent U.S address till 2003. It seems that she is married to her profession and that's the real love of her life. 

As of now, Amy is perchance not married and is still single. She is also not rumored to be in any romantic affairs with any man. She has quite mastered the art of keeping things secret from the media.

Amy's Twitter handle personifies her reclusive character -- despite joining Twitter in March 2011, she has sent out a total of 292 tweets to this date.