ABC News Correspondent, Adrienne Bankert has already reached the age of 39, and there have been too many talks surrounding her marriage. Adrienne has previously worked for stations like Hearst Television KCRA, CBS 11 KTVT among many others.

Here are some quite enthralling wikis on Adrienne’s life involving her personal life, career, height and a tad bit of her marriage talks.

1. Adrienne Bankert’s Bio: Upbringing and Education

Born in 1979, Adrienne celebrates her birthday on the 6th of May every year. She was raised by her parents in Sacramento, California. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in communications and media from the University of Southern California.

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Her immersive passion for influencing and guiding people into following their dreams led to her founding an NGO, ‘Loving Individuals Giving Help Together (LIGHT).’

After obtaining her degree, Adrienne started following her long-term dream of becoming a journalist and television host.

2. Adrienne Bankert's News Career

She soon marked her place as a traffic reporter at KCRA-TV. She made impressive progress at the station which got her promoted to a host and ultimately a news anchor.

According to the wiki, the reporter covered major stories like California wildfires, Japanese earthquake, and tsunami of 2011, the discovery of the kidnapped child Jaycee Dugard among many more.

After leaving KCRA-TV, Adrienne assumed the position of co-anchor of CBS 11 News This Morning and CBS 11 News at 11. Her interviews with great personalities like Oprah Winfrey, Michael Crabtree, and Owen Wilson made her more noticed.

She soon made her way to join KABC as one of the most prominent reporters continuing to report from the studio and the field. Adrienne eventually became a part of the ABC News in 2015.

3. Adrienne Bankert's Net worth: Salary In Thousands

The news speaker with the height of 5’10 has occupied many platforms on ABC News including Good Morning America, World News Tonight, and Nightline, which might have paid her some significant amount of money.

The average salary of an ABC News Correspondent is $106,562, but Adrienne’s accurate salary still resides under the veil.

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Adrienne Bankert does have an estimated net worth of $1 Million, which doesn’t seem to be so much of a surprise.

4. Adrienne Bankert's Family: Makes Timer For Family

The 39-year-old journalist is entirely engaged with her work but still manages to make time for her family. To her, family comes first and foremost. She doesn't seem to leave herself out of any essential family affairs. 

Mother's Day: Adrienne wishes her mother a happy mother's day posting an old picture of her mother and herself on 8 May 2014 (Photo: Adrienne's Twitter)

Moreover, Adrienne never fails to congratulate her family members on special occasions, and that's adorable. She treasures her colleges so much that she even called them her family at one point.

5. Is Adrienne Bankert Married?

The most frequently asked questions are always involving the personality’s romance life. Adrienne, being a journalist, knows how to handle any rumors regarding her personal life. But she is pretty cautious when it comes to revealing anything about her romantic affairs.

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There was a certain tweet that she replied to which can be taken as a little hint about her possible married life. Considering her age, people often hypothesize that she's bringing along a husband. 

Tweet: Adrienne replying to a question asking if she was married yet on Twitter on 29 August 2015 (Photo: Adrienne Bankert's Twitter)

Adrienne's reply almost makes it seem like she's married but hasn't had a ceremony of it. However,  with her ascending age, she might already be married and probably be hiding it because she wants to keep her husband out of the spotlight.

Although this doesn't confirm anything, it’s safe to hope that Adrienne might reveal her dating status sooner or later. She might even show up with a confirmed marital status out of nowhere.