American sports telecaster Holly Rowe, who earned her recognition as a sideline reporter for college football games on the ESPN network, is a proud mother of a grown-up son named McKylin Rowe.

Her son McKylin is an aspiring actor and writer who has shown his acting talent in various TV shows and short films, including The Egos, Existential Mashed Potatoes, Brotherly Love, The Holidays, and Revealing Cards.

The mother-son duo shares a very close bond — and they often share candid and special moments through social media, especially Instagram.

Most recently, on February 18, 2021, McKylin took to his Instagram to share an adorable throwback picture of him and his mother, Holly. The picture gave a glimpse of young-looking Holly and child McKylin.

“We throw it back on thursdays. A simpler time. Definitely not as cute as I am now but a close 3rd or 4th,” the actor wrote in the caption. 

He also mentioned that his mother has always been a good mother, writing, “@sportsiren being a dope mom as always.”

In March 2015, McKylin was acting in plays during his college days, and Holly watched her son's performance in his college musical Cinderella. 

Later, Holly shared the proud moment on Twitter, stating that her son had been cast as “Prince Charming” and congratulated him on his excellent work.

She wrote, “Proud momma moment. My son just got cast as "Prince Charming" in his college musical Cinderella. Good job kiddo!”

Holly attends her son's college to watch his performance in his college musical, Cinderella, in March 2015. (Photo: Twitter)

Likewise, the Emmy nominated sports reporter wished everyone a Merry Christmas on behalf of her family, sharing a picture of herself and her son, dressed as the Elf.

“Happy Holiday from our family to you and yours,” Holly wrote. “Love, Holly and the Elf.”


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Speaking of family, many of her fans are still unaware if she ever got married or had a husband. That’s because she has hardly spoken about her personal life in public.

However, the presence of her son signals that she was, at least, either in a relationship with a partner or was married to a spouse in the past. But again, there has been confusion regarding her married life as she has not delved into the details about love life.

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Speculations about her divorce from her husband have had its fair share in the gossip columns. Despite plenty of interest to grasp her married life and husband's identity, she has not flinched an inch and is reluctant to discuss her married life in public. 

Until she decides the time is right to front up the media and open about her husband’s rumors, the rumor mills will keep on grinding. Meanwhile, we need to not believe in the speculations until the truth unveils.

Holly, the University of Utah alum, started her broadcasting career at the age of 27 with Fox Sports as a broadcaster of women's college basketball games in 1993. She later held a position at CBS, covering several seasons of the men's Final Four (basketball) before joining ESPN.

Holly Rowe interviews NFL player, Minkah Fitzpatrick, for ESPN's College Football in April 2018.

Holly Rowe interviews NFL player, Minkah Fitzpatrick, for ESPN's College Football in April 2018. (Photo: ESPN)

She joined ESPN in 1998 as a part-time sideline reporter in certain broadcasts in the network. She later diversified her extensive knowledge of basketball reporting as a part of women's college basketball games broadcasted on ESPN.

Her notable ventures at ESPN include play-by-play for Women's World Cup matches, covering the Running of the Bulls & swimming events, and broadcasting track & field events.

Presently, she serves as a full-time sports journalist, being a part of numerous regular-season games and post-season bowls for ESPN.