With the premiere of the famous TV show Ghost Adventures getting closer, there were few questions the media and fans wanted to ask Aaron Goodwin. After the rumors of him being fired caught fuel, the urgency for an answer to the question hit critical levels.  

Referred to many as the teddy bear of the show Aaron Goodwin, he is an equipment technician and mainly handles work related to cameras. He has had some experience in silver screen with Malevolence (2004), Crimps (2011) and Space Detective (2017). His most prominent work was on the series Ghost Adventures which premiered on 17 October 2007. Apart from that he also owns and operates a brand of clothing called Big Steppin Clothing.

Ghost Adventures: Aaron Goodwin shows his excitement in a bromance footage on "Ghost Adventures" of Season 16 in 2018. (Photo: YouTube.com)

Aaron moved to Vegas where he fell in love with filmmaking and taught himself how to edit videos and operate cameras.

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What Is Aaron Goodwin's Net Worth?

Starting his career in the year 2004; he rose to fame in 2008 from Ghost Adventures. He appeared in the show as a cameraman from 2008 to 2018. He also contributed in My Hometown with Aaron Goodwin in 2003.

Other than that, he was also seen in ABC News Nightline, The Late Show with James Corden, Deadly Possessions and Today.

As of 2018, Aaron has been able to accumulate a net worth of $1.5 Million solely from his career. All the success brought by the silver screen has helped him reach a strong position and enter the millionaires club. 

Aaron Goodwin's Reason For Divorce With Former Wife Sheena Goodwin

42-year-old Aaron is fond of privacy and loves to keep things to himself. Details about his family, early life and education are still a mystery to most of us.

Talking about his love life, Aaron was once a married man. He was married to former wife Sheena Goodwin with whom he could not maintain a steady relationship. But precise information about their dating turned marriage has not been revealed yet.

Aaron reportedly blamed the ghostly spirits at Bobby Mackey's Music World for his divorce saying they allegedly possessed him during their fights.

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Rumors About Aaron Being Fired From Ghost Adventure

As of Aaron's professional life, there was a controversy that he was being fired from the show Ghost Adventures and would not continue as a cameraman anymore.

In late 2014 there were rumors that Ghost Adventures star Aaron Goodwin would no more be the part of the crew anymore saying that My Tupelo Entertainment had fired him.

The stories got fueled when travel channel executive Richard Roscolelli said Aaron got dismissed from the series for his rhetoric in an interview with the podcast called, Are We Alone.

According to Richard, Aaron talked for nearly 8 minutes rant and made fun of the travel channel which was inappropriate towards the whole production.

But Aarons twitter bio tells us a different story. With talks about the show and airing time of the show, he seems to be excited about it. His twitter bio says "Aaron Goodwin Ghost adventures new episode sat travel channel."

Aaron Goodwin Promotes the show GhostHunter on 2018 after rumors surfaced of him leaving the show (Photo: Aaron Goodwins Instagram)

With the new season that premiered on 16 June 2018, Aaron is a primary part of the show ready to entertain the audience like he always does.

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Aaron Goodwin: 16th Season Ghost Adventures Off To High Ratings

After rumors of getting fired, Aaron along the Ghost Adventures team are enjoying the new season's record-breaking episodes as much as the viewers!

The new season of Travel Channel's popular series "Ghost Adventures" kicked off with all-time ratings high for the series as well as the network.   

Gang: Aaron Goodwin posts a picture of the ghost adventure crew on 17 June 2018. (Photo: Aaron Godwin's Instagram)

On 16 June 2018, the season premiere featuring the Hotel Léger in Mokelumne HillCalifornia, posted a 1.13 P25-54 L3 rating - up 88 percent year-over-year and setting a record as Travel Channel's highest-rated program to date.

More than 2.3 million total viewers tuned in to watch the episode which secured the series the #2 spot among ad-supported cable programs and #3 among all of television in P25-54 for the night.