Aaron Goodwin and his girlfriend got engaged in October 2019. Just a month after the engagement, the television personality took to Instagram to share that he can't wait to marry her, also confessing that she makes him the happiest. 

Here's all that we know about their relationship. 

The Pair Started Dating in 2018

Goodwin has shared the ins and outs of his relationship status and has chronicled his feelings for his partner on his social media. That being said, he has not let the identity of his partner slip away, albeit sharing pictures with her. 

He first announced his relationship on August 10, 2018. He posted a picture with his partner and shared that they just realized their years-long relationship was more than just friendship. He also mentioned that they supported one another in tough times. 

A year after the announcement, the pair took a step further and got engaged.

Goodwin shared the joyful news on his Instagram on October 29, 2019. He shared the big moment when he popped the question on his one-knee, and his girlfriend gasped in surprise. The Ghost Adventures star had proposed to her with a halo, black engagement ring in Disneyland. 

Shares Relationship Bliss

Since the engagement, the supernatural investigator's relationship with his fiancée is going strong. So much so, he already wants to marry her. 

On November 28, 2019, he Instagrammed a cozy picture with his love and expressed his gratitude for having her. "I’m so thankful to have her in my life, " he wrote. Also, he remarked they laugh so much together. Then he ended the caption, writing, "I can’t wait to make you my wife."

Similar bliss could be seen in the pair's picture uploaded on 2021 Valentine's Day. The photo captured Goodwin smiling gleefully while his wife-to-be planted a kiss on his temple. He then captioned the image, saying he was lucky to have her in his life. 

Goodwin Was Married To Sheena 

Goodwin was previously married to Sheena. The pair lived together in their home in Oregon and had a pretty robust relationship. But Goodwin's busy schedule and the nature of his job had a toll on their marriage. 

In a blog dated July 15, 2011, he shared that the reason for their separation was not fighting or toxic behavior but scary paranormal experiences. After he investigated Bobby Mackey's, a popular bar and club in Kentucky, things went downhill in their relationship. 

He detailed that spirits followed him home and caused bizarre incidents repeatedly, including weird noises and inexplicable holes in their walls. The final straw was the nightmares that made Goodwin feel his wife wouldn't be safe if she stayed by his side. 

He knew he would be away from home for the most time, and Sheena would suffer alone. So paying for the grave price of his profession, he and his partner divorced amicably

They remain best friends even after moving on with their new partners. 

He Still Works in 'Ghost Adventures'

Goodwin has been a part of the ghost-hunting reality show Ghost Adventures since 2008. As an equipment technician, he handles the camera and electrical departments. 

In 2014, there were stories that the show fired Goodwin. But the rumors were just that — rumors. 

The famous television star has continuously enriched his net worth through the series. Its 11th episode of season 24 aired on May 7, 2021.