When a famous person starts cozying up with someone, people automatically become hungry for their identity and their whole background at times. The same happened with Instagram star Yovanna Ventura when she gained overnight fame after getting surrounded by dating rumors with Justin Bieber.

Yovanna Ventura embraced fame after getting romantically linked to Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber in 2014. She is also quite known as a Wilhelmina model.

Here are some enthralling wikis on Yovanna’s age, height, her dating history, her net worth, and her overnight fame identity as the rumored girlfriend of Justin Beiber.

1. Yovanna Ventura’s Identity As Fitness Freak

Born on 24 November 1995, Yovanna Ventura was raised in Miami, Florida where she graduated from Miami Senior High School in June 2014.

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She ventured into the world of fame as a fitness model, posting different workout tips on Instagram that has garnered her more than 5.3 million followers.

Yovanna, age 22 has turned her passion of modeling into a career delving into a modeling contract with Wilhelmina Models. It shouldn’t be a surprise to you to hear that the agency is one of the most coveted ones around.

And since the agency is famous as it is, there’s no doubt that the pay comes with huge bundles, so it’s safe to say that Yovanna carries a net worth of millions.

2. Yovanna Ventura Loves To Accentuate Her Body

As a fitness model, Yovanna sure has a gorgeous body with ample curves. Standing at a considerable height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.79 meters), the model embraces the body measurements of 32-24-38 weighing 67 kg (137 pounds).

She has got a smooth brown skin tone that lights up her dark brown eyes and brings out her dark dyed hair.

No wonder people howl over her perfect features, but as mentioned before, she does maintain her body shape by working out and swallowing the right nutrition.

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3. Yovanna Ventura's Overnight Fame From Dating Rumors With Justin Bieber

It was in 2014 when Yovanna had the spotlights on her for being romantically linked to famous Canadian singer Justin Bieber. It all started when Justin discovered her on Instagram and reached out to her, going to the extent of meeting her in Miami.

The two were first seen on the Venice Beach boardwalk sharing drinks and snacks. They even rode a rickshaw and apparently, Justin, age 24, had his arm on Yovanna’s leg the whole time.

Looking Cozy There: Yovanna and her supposed boyfriend Justin Bieber cuddling up to each other at beachside (Photo: eonline.com | 6 May 2014)

The pair reunited a month later in Vegas and often shared their pictures together on Instagram that are now deleted of course. But that was all; no one ever knew if they were actually dating or if the two were ‘just friends.’

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4. Yovanna Got Linked With Canadian Singer & 'Another' Ex-Boyfriend Of Selena Gomez

Yovanna had been quiet on her dating status until she was linked with another Canadian singer Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd in 2017. She was seen hand in hand with The Weeknd at an LA nightclub after his break up with pop star Selena Gomez in November 2017.

Apparently, the two were cozying up to each other, and The Weeknd was parading Yovanna around. How cute, but nothing more cooked out of that as they were never seen together after that.

And Yovanna is doing a great job by hiding her relationships behind the curtain these days as there aren't any rumors surrounding her. Or, she's just too busy keeping her voluptuous body in shape.