Love is a concoction of three heads; compassion, a little drama, and some emotional support. American reality star Beth Chapman shared a similar kind of love with Duane Chapman, which initially halted with some backlash and conflict but eventually took a U-turn towards being a compassionate affair-- turning out to be a relationship goal for every couple out there!

The Denver-native earned fame when she featured in an animated series called Rick and Morty. Moreover, her relationship with Duane Chapman added her more layers to her bio. She is also a producer of the show, “Dog the Bounty Hunter” which aired in 2003. 

Personal View: Beth Smith discusses her fashion tastes on her own show Dog and Bounty Hunter (Published on 25 August 2018)

 Beth was already a licensed bondsman at the age of 21 in Colorado.

Beth Smith's Confusing Ethnicity As One-Half Of Parents Is Missing

On 29 October 1967 in Denver, Colorado Beth Chapman was born as Alice Elizabeth Smith.

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She is thought to belong to white ethnicity, reflecting on her appearance and the fact that her father, Gary Smith--a professional baseball player, belongs to White ethnicity. Her mother, however, is missing from her family scene making it hard to conclude where she traces back her roots and origin. 

Relationship Bound: From Complicated Start To Sweet Ending!

Beth Chapman and her doting husband, Duane 'The Dog' Chapman’s love story is nothing short of a filmy love story as it had all the spices an average Hollywood movie has, affection, hatred, and complications. 

Even today, the couple believes that it was fate that got them together.

Beth and Duane met each other through her father after she got in trouble with the law. It was love at first sight for Beth in 1998 as she instantly fell for him. Beth had been summoned to Dog's office to complete to paperwork to work on her release after her brushoff with the law and reminisced about falling for Dog the first time she saw her saying: 

He came walking out there, and I said, 'Oh yes, he will be mine.' Let the stalking begin 

Dog meanwhile had mixed feelings. On the one hand, he was a married man at that time, and on the other, he felt the Beth was too young for him. He was 35 while Beth was just 19 years of age when they first met.

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It seemed as if it was written in stone for their relationship to work out they were united in 1995 after Duane had contradicted substance abuse after the death of his mother. Eventually, Beth helped him to get rid of all the drug habits which brought the couple closer.

And slowly the feeling of love reciprocated in between both the partners and, having stuck with each other through every high and low, they finally tied the knot on 20 May 2006. 

Love Prevails: Beth and Duane pose for a photo as they celebrate Christmas together in Hawaii on 26 December 2018 (Photo: Beth's Instagram)

Their marriage ceremony was held at the Hilton Hotel at Waikoloa Village. For Dog, it was his fifth marriage, while Beth was also previously married. She was married to Keith Barmore, a friend of Dog, which did not work out.

And Bam, having experienced what fails the marriage, the couple with similar interests have stuck with each other for more than a decade(They celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary in 2018).

Beth Undergoes Weight Loss Campaign After Birth Of Two Children

After her marriage with Dog, not only Beth found herself the right guy but also fame as she starred with her husband in Dog The Bounty Hunter, a show which ran for full eight seasons before being canceled in 2012. Moreover, the couple also starred in spinoffs to the show. 

Having a successful career and two children together, she became obsessed about her body and decided, that she didn't want to be as she was anymore, At least not physically.

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Well, no dedications can match the inscriptions generated from the obsessions. And it was a similar story for Beth as she achieved the feet undergoing a lot of physical training and a balanced diet. 

She went through a weight loss campaign in 2015 and came out toned down after maintaining a healthy body through her sheer willpower and a balanced diet. 

Weight Loss Transformation: Beth Chapman before the work-outs (L) and after all the work-outs (R) (Photo: Pinterest)

And her transformation was staggering, from a plus-sized woman to a toned down lady, happy with the way she looks.

At Age 50, Beth Smith Wins Over Cancer With Husband's Support

However, as with most of the cases in her life, a solution to one problem led her to another. And in 2017, the problem was life-threatening; Cancer.

Beth was diagnosed with throat cancer and had to undergo a 12-hour surgery in September 2017. With her husband always staying right by her side, the surgery went successfully, and she is now cancer-free and living the happiest episodes of her life.

Her husband's devotion towards his wife was pretty evident as he shared about his experience of Beth being bed-ridden with cancer. Talking about the hardship the couple had to go after the diagnosis and subsequent surgery in A&E Special, Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives he explained how he felt like stating: 

 When we made a pledge many years ago I said I’d love her in sickness and in health until death do us part. And that truth has really, really come alive in my mind. And I have to stand on that; I gave her an oath that I would love her forever. And thank God it’s not till death do us part at this point

Fortunately for Beth and Dog, she is now relishing her life with her husband. And, their life now is like what fairytales are made of, 'they lived happily ever after.'

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Flanked by a husband who is not afraid to go any miles in order to save her, her children who have now begun to take their wings, Beth still has a lot to cherish. But for her, the best of life has already come. And it was seeing Dog in his office and thinking 'He Is The One!'