Recently, Lindsay Mills revealed on her social media that she was pregnant with her husband Edward Snowden. Snowden is a former contractor with the U.S. National Security Agency who has been living in Russia since 2013 to escape prosecution in the U.S. after leaking classified documents detailing government surveillance programs.

After Snowden's exile, Mills traveled to Russia to be with her boyfriend of eight years and later married him at a private ceremony in a Moscow courthouse.

Lindsay Mills’s Soon-To-Be-Born Son Will Have Russian Citizenship.

Just last month in November, USA Today announced that Mills and her husband, Edward Snowden, were expecting their first child. While details of the pregnancy was still under wraps, the news portal reported as saying that the couple was applying for a Russian passport without forfeiting their US citizenship. This news came after years of privacy regarding the couple's relationship status after Snowden’s exile to Russia.

After his exile, the whistleblower kept a silent profile for years. He only appeared in a select few interviews and podcasts. However, the only social media platform he appeared on was Mills’  Instagram and Twitter handle. Mills' Twitter handle was also the first place that the couple made their pregnancy public, which was then circulated to other news outlets. 

The post in question featured a silhouette shot of Mills showing off her baby bump and Snowden placing a gentle kiss on her tummy. The caption read, “A long time in the making: our greatest collaboration is coming soon.”

USA Today revealed that the baby was a boy and confirmed that the baby would have Russian citizenship on account of his father's Russian passport. 

That being said, Mills and Snowden were looking to apply for dual citizenship for their child once he was born, as this allowed the family to better stay in touch. Dual citizenship was a new provision provided to Russian citizens as prior to that, Russians had to forego their other nationality to become a Russian citizen.

Despite getting a new job in his adoptive country, Mills' husband, Snowden, mentioned that he would love to return to his country if he was granted a fair and public trial.

Mills And Snowden’s Relationship Has Blossomed Through Scandals And Secrecy

The news of the pregnancy came less than a week before Snowden was granted Russian citizenship. 

As many know, Mills' husband was an American whistle-blower who leaked vital information during his time with the NSA. In 2013, he let the whole world know that the American government was spying on its citizens through their personal electronic devices. 

After the leak, the U.S government put out an arrest warrant in his name for charges of putting the national security of America at risk and labeling him a "terrorist".

The American government didn’t have the chance to take him in, however, as he was granted asylum by the Russian government.

After his exile to Russia, Snowden stayed under the radar and only appeared in select few interviews, albeit from a remote access screen.

However, his exile did not stop Mills to be with her long time boyfriend of eight years. In 2016, People reported that Mills was traveling to Russia to join her boyfriend — in person and in matrimony

When Did Lindsay Mills And Edward Snowden Marry? 

"What would you do, if you ran out on your wife and she sees you on the news...And then, months later, you see her. What would you expect?"

While there are no official records of the couple getting married, Taas reported that Mills got married to Snowden sometime around 2017. Lindsay Mills at the 2015 Oscars. Documentary 'Citizen Four', centered around her husband Snowden, received the Best Documentary Feature Award that year. It was also revealed that the pair got married in a Moscow courthouse away from public scrutiny. 

Also as stated in the interview, when asked about Mills’ reaction upon first meeting him in Russia, Snowden replied in jest about the situation. He joked that deserting one's wife and then having her find out that her husband was a fugitive was not an ideal situation for any man to be in. 

He then reportedly ended on a more serious note saying that she was more than he could ever deserve. 


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What Does Linsay Mills Do? 

Lindsay Mills completed her graduation from Laurel High School in 2003. Later she went to the Maryland Institute College and completed her graduation in 2007. After her graduation, Mills took up pole-dancing both as a career and as a form of expression. Mills is a self-portrait artist, as she herself mentions in her Instagram profile. 

In her profile, she can most often be seen posing in a wide variety of poses that are indeed a unique form of expression. She often appears in little clothing and sometimes even partially nude. 

Mills is also an editor for JJ Community and handles their social media. JJ Community is an original extension to Instagram founded shortly after its founding. The community is a space for creative people to share their photos and connect with each other. 

In addition to her gig at the community, Mills also has her own blog, lsjourneys, where she posts her travel stories. Lsjourneys is also the name that she uses on her Instagram and Twitter handles.