Stacy London is a celebrated stylist who has seen her career on peak and also seen it fall after some health complications struck her which resulted in financial instability. During her lowest times, she had a special someone to hold her hands. Let's find out if she is still together or has found a new boyfriend!

The New York native is an American fashionista, stylist, author, and magazine editor who is primarily known for her TLC reality series What Not to Wear. She was also the host for the TLC series Love, Lust or Run.

Love, Lust, or Run: Stacy London goes on shopping spree with a teacher and helps her spice up her style on TLC's tv show (Published on 2 February 2016)

Prior to the TLC series, she has also worked as a host for the TV show Fashion Fanatic, Shut Up! It's Stacy London, Access Hollywood Live, and Snog Marry Avoid US.

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As a popular fashionista in the industry, she has made appearances in various TV shows like GMA, Today show, The Tyra Show, The View, and The Wendy Williams show.

Stacy London Suffered From Psoriasis And Anorexia

The tall and gorgeous with a height of  5' 7 inches was born on 25 May 1969 as the daughter of Jewish father Herbert London and Italian mother, Joy London. Her father was the former president of Hudson Institute while her mother was a venture capitalist.

Despite being born into a financially well family, her childhood wasn’t easy due to various issues she had to deal with. When at age six, she was diagnosed with psoriasis, an autoimmune disease which causes scaly patches on the skin.

Her signature silver streak of hair is also an outcome of psoriasis, which caused her lot of pain in her childhood days. She also became the target of the bullies, suffered from body dysmorphia and in the 20s also battled anorexia.

Stacy London Career In Fashion Industry From Intern, Fashion Assistant To TV Show Host 

London graduated with a double major in Philosophy and Germanic studies from Vassar College.

With interest vastly different from her educational background, she found her passion for the fashion industry during her summer internship in Paris as a PR intern for Christian Dior.

After discovering a passion for fashion, she started her professional career as a fashion assistant for Vogue magazine and later went onto be a senior fashion editor for Mademoiselle.

Then she started styling models during photo shoots for various publications. Her fame went even bigger when she started styling celebrities like Liv Tyler, Kate Winslet and also assisted designers like Rebecca Taylor, Vivienne Tam.

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She hit the jackpot in her career in 2003 when she became the co-host for TLC's successful fashion makeover TV show What Not To Wear. She also published a book, Dress Your Best with her co-host Clinton Kelly in 2005.

Along with the show, she also worked as a fashion contributor for Today Show, Access Hollywood and also served as the face of Pantene, Dr. Scholl's and Woolite, During that time she also launched an online personal style service called Style for Hire.

After her TLC show ended in 2013, she worked as a magazine editor for Shape magazine. She also published her New York Times bestselling style guide The Truth About Style (2013).

Soon in 2015, she returned back to TLC with a new show Love, Lust, or Run (2015-2016) but sadly it was short lived. 

Stacy London's Net Worth Reveal 

Establishing herself as one of the most celebrated stylists in the industry, working for renowned magazines, publications, penning NY bestselling book and hosting popular TV shows for the famous network like TLC, it is absolutely clear that she has made most of her earnings from the fashion industry.

According to CelebrityNetworth, all her earning combines to a whopping net worth of $8 million.

Once Engaged Stacy London In A New Relationship With Boyfriend?

When it comes to her love life, she hasn’t been married to anyone nor has she had a husband till now. And to silence the rumors, she isn't gay at all too. But she's had boyfriends, and her relationship with them has been a whirlwind of heartbreaks, mishaps, and short-lived romance.

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Stacy London was first involved in a romantic relationship with boyfriend Mark Riebling, a writer and editorial director of Manhattan Institute for Policy Research. The couple got engaged in 2003 but broke off just a year later.

After a broken engagement she was involved in a romance with photographer Nick Onken who was by her side when she was at her lowest. During that particular time, she suffered from chronic back pain, clinical depression, and financial difficulties. Her boyfriend was there for her throughout the surgery for the spinal injury and after it even went on a vacation together.

Boyfriend Alert: Bed-ridden Stacy London's boyfriend Nick Onkin wishes happy holidays to their followers (Photo: Nick Onken's Instagram| December 2016)

But during their time in Mallorca, she was emotionally devastated by all the issues going on with her and shouted ‘It wasn’t working’  to which her boyfriend didn’t disagree, and hence they broke off in early months of 2017.

In Relationship?: Stacy London shares a lovely post with someone close to her (Photo: Stacy London's Instagram| 27 August 2018)

As of now, there is no clear details about her relationship but one of her Instagram posts from August 2017 with the caption "Happiest of birthdays to my crazy another half @alexisbittar #50#wishiwaswithyou", may hint on a possible boyfriend!