One ominous day, American journalist, Maureen O'Boyle didn’t wake up in the morning as usual but was jerked out of her sleep at the wee hours of the night by a man on top of her and a knife in his hands. Even if the incident was only a house burglary, the shock, and the fear of the moment would have been tremendous--but it was far worse.

The North Carolina native is a renowned journalist who has spent over three decades of her life for journalism. Her most recent, and most important, the role has been as a chief anchor for WBTV.

WBTV Leading Anchor: Maureen has been the part of Charlotte's TV channel, WBTV, for over 14 years (Photo: Maureen's Instagram)

Maureen actively works with the charities associated with the American Red Cross, Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina, Assistance League of Charlotte, etc.

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Maureen Was Born In Large O'Boyle Family

Born on 14 July 1963 in Charlotte, North Carolina to Joan and Jerry O’Boyle, Maureen grew up as the part of the large family with eight siblings and went to West Charlotte High School.

Wanting to go into journalism, Maureen attended East Carolina University and studied journalism and speech there, but she never graduated from college.

Maureen Engaged In Journalism From Young Age; What Is Her Salary After 35 Years?

While still in the college, Maureen was engaged in journalism with the campus radio station WZMB. Soon, she was hired by WITN to do the morning cut-ins, and she was started to be recognized as the prodigy journalist.

At the age of 27, Maureen got an opportunity of a lifetime as she was cast for nationally syndicated A Current Affair, where she worked for five years. After doing a series of other jobs, Maureen returned to her hometown and joined WBTV, for which she has worked for over 14 years and from which she draws a massive salary of around $ 80 thousand, which is the salary of WBTV's top tier anchors.

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Trauma For Lifetime: How Maureen Faced & Survived A Brutal Rape?

One Thursday evening, one that blended with so many other Thursdays, one that wasn’t unusual by any angle, Thursday of 3rd April 1986, Maureen O’Boyle returned from her usual work, just like any other day, and after some chores went to bed, as she would every day. Only that day, someone broke into her house and, supported by the edge of a knife, raped her and traumatized her for hours.

It couldn’t have been easy to put aside the sense of violation, the helplessness, the fear, but she did exactly that and reported the case to the police. Even during the immediate aftermath of the tragedy, she had the wits on her to notice the rapists truck standing outside and his physical features, even though she never saw his face.

30 Years Later: Maureen pleas to keep her rapist behind the bars as he was going to be allowed on parole (Published on 4 November 2016)

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The rapist was arrested a few months later and is still serving time on prison but Maureen never completely recovered from it. How could she?

Maureen O'Boyle's Married Life: Information On Husband & Daughter

Her personal life has remained mostly hidden except for the few news back in the late 90s and early 2000s. One of those news said that she was unmarried but had a daughter Keegan with an independent filmmaker Kerry Prior, who never was her husband.

Happy Birthday Daughter: Maureen wishing her daughter, Keegan, for her nineteenth birthday on 8 September 2018 (Photo: Maureen's Instagram)

While there has been no recent news about her married life, Kareen does mention her daughter quite often but never any real or probable husband, hinting that at the age of 55, she might still not be married.

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To achieve everything Maureen has achieved after going through all that trauma, married or not, with or without a husband, is a great feat by itself, something that needs to be respected.