Ottavia Busia's life has been a struggle, whether that be as a kid where she struggled financially, or as an adult where she had to deal with a divorce. Despite the difficulties, the strong woman had recollected her life and her daughter post-divorce and found love again. 

An Italian-born martial artist and a TV Personality, age 53, is very famous for featuring in some episodes of ‘No Reservations’ and as the second wife of Anthony Bourdain, an American Celebrity Chef, and a television personality.

Train With Ottavia: Ottavia brings forth her skills of ju-jitsu in the Youtube based show, Welcome To The Mat (Published on 24 February 2015)

Ottavia is very active on Instagram with over 99k followers always sneaking her.

Ottavia Financial Struggles Did Not Abate Even After Relocations

Born on 11 July 1965, Ottavia grew up in the Sardinia isles of Italy. Ottavia never dreamt of being famous, nor she had aspirations for a life in the limelight during her early age. She imagined a normal life and studied to become a dentist and followed up on her aim of living a cozy life with an intimate relationship.

However, as fate would have it, she relocated to the US after struggling financially. The struggles did not show signs of abating even after her relocation.

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She performed odd jobs here and there until she managed to land a job with a Japanese restaurant Geisha.

At Age 40, Ottavia & Her Husband Tolled The Wedding Bells Together

It was in Geisha where she met with her ex-husband Anthony Bourdain in 2006, and the couple instantly felt connected and started dating. After a year-long dating affair, Celebrity chef and host of the food show No Reservations, Ottavia and Anthony Bourdain tied the knots in an intimate wedding ceremony. 

The marriage was the first for Ottavia and second for Anthony Bourdain. Before Ottavia, Anthony was married to Nancy Putkoski in 1985 and separated after 20 years of togetherness in 2005. 

The couple had a daughter, Ariane a year after tying the knots. Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain, who had his past troubles with alcohol and substance abuse, credited his daughter Ariane as the reason for him changing his lifestyle and becoming a more responsible person.

Ottavia, meanwhile, pursued a career in Mixed Martial arts and took up jujitsu after her daughter's birth. 

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The relationship, however, could not sustain as Anthony was busy for more than 250 days a year with his professional commitments, and the pair proceded towards a divorce in 2016. 

Found Love Again After Divorce; Husband's Suicide

Despite their divorce, Ottavia's husband Anthony described that the pair had amicable terms and were committed to raising up their girl in the best possible ways. And Ottavia kept on her part of the promise, along with providing regular insights into her and daughter's life through her Instagram. 

Ottavia Busia with her ex-husband late Anthony Bourdain and daughter Ariane dines together in September 2016 after announcing their divorce (Photo: Ottavia Busia's Instagram)

She has also pursued her love, Jujitsu and even is training her girl to be a mixed martial artist. Ottavia is reveling in her role as a committed mom and shares every little incident be it grooming her daughter's hair or celebrating her birthday on her Instagram. 

On 18 September 2017, she shared her sixth anniversary with Jujitsu, and despite the journey being hard and frustrating at times, it was ultimately satisfying. 

With everything seemingly going well, however, Ottavia suffered another setback in the early hours of 8 June 2018 when news about her ex-husband's suicide surfaced in the media.

The chef was found hanging by a bath towel in Alsace region of France where he was shooting for his food and travel show No Reservations. Announcing about Anthony's reason of death, AFP wrote that the chef with the net worth of $16 million, had committed suicide and no malicious activity in and around the hotel was observed.

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The news came as a shock to many as Anthony was pictured cozying up with his girlfriend Asia two weeks before the fateful incident. 

Breaking Her Silence With Message For Anthony!

Although Ottavia did not make herself available for comments about her ex-husband's death in the meantime of such heartbreak, she finally opened up herself and decided to break her silence via an Instagram post on 11 June 2018. 

Reminiscence: Ottavia's daughter dedicates her performance to her father who died just three days earlier (Photo: Ottavia's Instagram | 11 June 2018)

The fact that Ottavia spoke about her ex-husband fortifies the fact that,' No matter what, love will always stay as love'. As like Ottavia, we also wish Anthony's soul rests in peace.