Relationships don’t need anything fancy to last long. What matter, are the little things. It only takes a tiny effort to keep the romance alive, and small gestures of love to revive the cherished memories lived ages ago. Love your significant other a little more every day, and a lifelong bliss is guaranteed just so.

The little things making bigger impacts might seem nothing more than a hoax until we take a peek in HGTV’s Home Town star Erin Napier’s married life with husband Ben. They are indeed one of kind of couple.

Wikipedia might not give you the answers to your queries on Erin, but here we provide you with wiki/facts on her ranging from her age, height, husband to net worth and family:

1. Erin Napier’s Bio: Motherhood Heights To Envy At Age 33

Born on 10 August 1985, the Mississippi native met her future husband Ben Napier in Jones County Junior College. The college sweethearts didn’t delay to realize that they were a perfect match for one another as they recited wedding vows on 22 November 2008, when Erin was 23 and Ben just 25 years of age.

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Despite the couple getting married at a young age, age did not hinder their married life. Instead, the best thing about getting married at such a tender age for the couple was they were there for each other to grow and learn as their marital life progressed.

And in the ninth year of marriage, their family officially grew with an addition of their first child, a baby girl Helen-named after Erin’s grandmother, born on January 2018.

Happy Family: Erin with her husband Ben and daughter Helen-the family is too cute. (Photo: Ben Napier's Instagram- 13 October 2018)

The 33-year-old mother and her husband brought into the world a beautiful baby. The baby is sure to have inherited the genes from her beautiful mother and her handsome father--and with time shall turn more beautiful as she grows up but what remains intriguing prospect about her as she grows up is her height?

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Will she be a tiny teddy like her 5ft. 5 inches tall mother in front of giant 6ft. 6 inches towering tall father?

2. Erin Napier Relishes Net Worth From Loved Job

The charming lady got a chance to put her next to perfect personal part with husband Ben on the show through HGTV’s reality series Home Town. In the series, the couple thrift the old houses for the clients aspiring to settle in the neighborhood in the show.  

They also own apparel and home goods store Laurel Mercantile which has helped the couple generate additional income apart from the show. The couple has yet to have their earnings dissected, but when all of their involvements are summed up, they have been speculated to have a net worth in millions.

But what matters the most is merely not the monetary value but the fact that Erin and her husband love what they do and are happy about it. And for the bonus, they have not only had a financial gain but also adoration from the viewers.

3. Know Erin’s Secret To Jovial Married Life With Ben

Ben is a big man who would do the tiniest things to make his women happy. From landing a proposal with a handmade a little wooden book to continuing the ritual of making one every year, he has been giving the utmost love Erin could have ever asked for.

And the secret to their married life seems to be celebrating even the tiniest things with vigor.

Will You Marry Me: Erin Napier reminisces the day her husband Ben proposed her on 22 September. (Photo: Erin Napier's Instagram)

The love story they have seems too good to be true, but that’s just an undeniable truth. Their compassionate and unconditional love speaks for their happy married life of nine years, and more is sure to follow.  

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The duo of a big bushy bearded guy and tiny woman can’t get any perfect than this!