Colleen Ballinger has always used the gift of her comic timing and natural ability to crack jokes at every situation to make her fans happy. But behind her perfect on-screen appearances with fits of laughter, once lied a different version of her.

The American national is a house full of talent. She is a Youtuber, who started her career in 2008 as her quirky alter-ego, Miranda Sings on Youtube. The success of the channel Miranda Sings also led her to open two more YouTube channels Mirandavlogz (2010-2012) and PsychoSoprano.

Free Voice Lesson: Colleen aka Miranda Sings gives a voice lesson to her fans (Published on March 10, 2009)

Her internet fame as Miranda Sings garnering millions of subscribers shaped her career as a live comedy performer.

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Moreover, she is also a published author and has two New York Times best-selling books to her credit, Selp-Helf (2015) and My Diarrhe (2018). The multi-talented star has also released a record "Christmas With Miranda Sings" (2009) and developed and starred in a show Haters Back Off (2016).

House of Ballingers Has Another Youtuber Except for Colleen, Age

Humor and Comedy seem to be a staple in the house of Ballingers.

Colleen is blessed with two elder brothers and a younger sister. The youngest sibling, Rachel also chose the path of YouTube like her sister Colleen to spread humor and laughter.

Family Of Youtubers: Colleen's youngest sister Rachel's Youtube Series You Know What Pisses Me Off (Published on Aug 24, 2017)

With 2.2 million subscribers, the youngest Ballinger has been making her fans laugh until their stomach gets hurt. She is the host and creator of the YouTube series ‘You Know What Pisses Me Off?’ and also the author of the book 101 Things That Pisses Me Off. She joined Youtube in 2012 after her famous sister encouraged her.

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Colleen was born on November 21, 1986, and her sister Rachel was born five years after her, in Santa Barbara, California. Both sisters were graced into this world as the daughter of father Tim Ballinger and mother Gwen Ballinger. 

Why Ballinger and Her Long-Time Boyfriend turned Husband Got Divorced in 2016?

Social media is not always what it seems. It proved to be true in Colleen's marital life. The pair seemed happy in love with each other on-screen but reality was the exact opposite off-screen.

The summer of 2015 was a happy year for Colleen, getting married and starting a new journey of her life with her long-time boyfriend YouTuber Joshua Evans. But the happiness didn’t last longer than a year and they put a full stop to their relationship.  

Wedding Ceremony 2015: Colleen and Joshua on their wedding day in 2015 (Photo: Pinterest)

On September of 2016, the usually happy, bubbly and funny Colleen shared a sad and tearful 12 minutes clip with her fans opening up about her divorce.

“I want to start off by saying Joshua is a wonderful man and I am so in love with him. This has nothing to do with ‘He’s a bad person’ or ‘He did something horrible to me’ or anything like that. He’s a good person and I love him,” she says through tears in the video. “We have always had a very rocky relationship since the beginning. We’ve always butted heads. We’ve always fought, ever since we met really. It’s never been a perfect relationship.” 

Further explaining about the couple's divorce, she added,

“You’ve watched us date, you’ve watched us get engaged, you’ve watched us get married. We’ve shown you everything because we wanted to, and I don’t regret any of that, but, you know, we chose to not share with you the hard parts of our relationship. And there were a lot of hard parts of our relationship.”

After the divorce, both Evan and Ballinger took a break from social media. The couple had met in 2009 after Evans discovered Ballinger’s videos and reached out to her on Facebook.

Now Colleen Is Engaged And Pregnant With Her Co-star 

After the hurricane comes the rainbow. It is the same for the soon-to-be Mrs. Stocklin, Colleen Ballinger.

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After years of rocky relationship with Evans, she finally found love and started dating her Haters Back Off co-star, Erik Stocklin.

Haters Back Off: Colleen and Erik in Haters Back Off (2016)

Moreover, the couple has already moved on in their relationship and Ballinger is now engaged with her new boyfriend, Eric. Not just that, the pretty couple is already hitting up new heights in their relationship, with Colleen pregnant from her union with her actor fiance.

The rainbow still seems to be over Colleen’s sky shining brightly as ever!