The fairytale love story of American celebrity Chudney Ross and her longtime partner, Joshua Faulkner, culminated in a fairytale wedding, one that could render even the royal wedding to shame.

Chudney Ross is the famous daughter of American pop diva and a music sensation, Diana Ross. Diana was popular not only as a singer but also as an actor; she was even nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress in Leading Role for her heartfelt portrayal of Billie Holiday in Lady Sings The Blues.

Diana Ross' Blues: Chudney's mother Diana Ross plays Billie Holiday in her biopic Lady Sings The Blues (published on 26 March 2018)

Here we present to you interesting wikis about Diana Ross's daughter, Chudney Ross, including her age, height, net worth, wedding, and information about her father and husband.

1. Chudney Ross's Wiki-Like Bio: Age & Height

On 4 November 1975, Chudney Ross was born to popular music diva mother Diana Ross and music manager father, Robert Ellis Silberstein and grew up with her elder sisters Trace Ellis Ross and Rhonda Ross.

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When she was only two years of age, their parents divorced but they remained friends and loyal parents to their children.

Chudney stands at quite an average height for an American woman.

2. Chudney Ross Works As Bookstore Owner After Successful Production Ventures

After her graduation from Georgetown University with a degree in English and Fine Arts, Chudney ventured into the showbiz and went on to achieve great success as a producer and production manager. Some of her most popular works include Mesmerized, a Television series based on hypnosis, Livin’ Large, Fame etc. 

However, after those successful ventures in production and earning significant net worth, Chudney seems to have adopted a low key life away from showbiz. According to the wiki sources, she currently owns a bookstore in Santa Monica, California called Books and Cookies.

3. Chudney's Future-Husband Fell For Her After Seeing Her Photo In Facebook

Chudney found the heartthrob of her dreams, Joshua Faulkner, for a cocktail in LA. Prior to the meeting, Joshua Faulkner was entranced by Chudney, after he saw her photo on the Facebook and asked a mutual friend to set them up.

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The bond formed that first day in between the drinks and casual but heartfelt conversation traversed through six years of blissful relationship and a child out of wedlock to finally culminate in a proposal and subsequent wedding. And boy what a wedding it was!

4. Diana Ross Planned Most Elegant Wedding For Her Daughter

The beautiful Hawaii setting, four days long event with activities at nights and the days, extravagant food and music, a party on the yacht, and the daughter of marrying couple, Callaway, as a flower girl made the wedding akin to something taken out of a fairy tale.

Wedding Remembrance: On June 21, every year, Chudney Ross and Joshua Faulker celebrate their wedding anniversary (Photo: Chudney's Instagram)

The magnificent wedding was planned by mother of the bride Diana Ross, who graced the wedding herself in an elegant white gown and almost taking her daughter’s thunder.

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It might look like a frivolous extravagance to some, but the wedding was a perfect conclusion to Chudney Ross and Joshua Faulkner's magnificent love story--or rather a perfect beginning, as it has only just started.