Movie star Shazi Raja is garnering applauses for her impressive roles in tv shows and big screen movies. While she has been lapping up appraisals because of her acting skills, there could be a real possibility that she is infuriating the enthusiasts with her low key personal life, leaving fans confused.

The American-Indian actress who is best known for portraying a Harvard student, Ananya in 2017 movie Brad’s Status. Her portrayal of the mixed racial student is brilliant and has done justice to the character, which led to the movie’s director Mike White singling out for praises.

Career Height: Shazi Raja fondly discussed her bad-ass character in BRAD'S STATUS during the movie premiere (Published: 12 September 2017)

Shazi is a newbie in the industry, but despite having been in the industry for just a short period, Brad’s Status is not her only feat. She has been a cast of the CBS drama, Salvation as a junior reporter, Amanda Neel.

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She also appears in the HBO show, High Maintenance. She is taking her time to make a presence felt in the entertainment industry but has been able to create indelible marks as her career progresses.

Shazi Raja Bio (Age): Birthday, Parents, Ethnicity & Nationality

The TV actress has quite an interesting full name; Alina Sheherzad Akhtar Raja. She was born in Houston, Texas and she celebrates her birthday on 13th of May. She's preferred to keep her birth year to herself which makes her age confined.

But based on her body features and looks it is easy to deduce that she falls in the age bracket of the twenties.

Her parents are US immigrants who belong to South Asian descent(Indian to be more specific). Shout out to her Indian features, or else her American nationality would have created a significant paradox regarding her ethnicity.

Shazi Raja Has Decent Resume Full Of TV Shows & Movies

Although arts caught Raja’s initial interest while she was in school, her attention later shifted to Performing and Visual Arts during her High School Years Houston. She was serious about her newfound acting gig and to shape it better she flew all the way to London at Rutgers Conservatory at Shakespeare’s Globe and graduated with a BFA in acting from Rutgers University.

The aspiring actress found a direction in New York-based Huntington Theatre Company with a role of Talisha in Milk Like Sugar. She held onto every opportunity that knocked and in 2016, she landed in HBO ComedyHigh Maintenance from where she relishes a steady appreciation.

It is via the steady presence in the Tv shows that she fisted an opportunity of being a cast in 2017’s big screen productions Salvation and Brad’s Status.

She deserves a shoulder pat for her accolades.

Is Shazi Raja Dating? Boyfriend Status In 2018?

Shazi is already provoking curiosities among the public through her impressive works on different TV shows. People have started hunting for her life details. But all they can discover is very little.

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Only a little is known about her dating status, but it’s evident from her Instagram pages that she’s been in a relationship. While she has never publicly answered to the calls of her love life her social activity did provide a bit of clue regarding her boyfriend, Christian Navarro.

Another must-know bit regarding her boyfriend is that he has depicted a gay character in 13 Reasons Why. Despite playing a gay character in real-life the actor is 100% straight in real life and the couple has been reportedly dating.

Though they have never tagged one another as a couple, it is evident that they are one.

In 2016, Shazi uploaded a picture on her Instagram with Christian on his birthday with a convincing caption suggesting that the hunk was her boyfriend.

Boyfriend Talk: Shazi Raja wished Christian Navarro on his birthday with a caption suggesting that could be dating each other. (Photo: Shazi Raja's Instagram- 24 August 2016)

Although Shazi's height looked taller than her so-called 'baby' in the picture, the duo made a lovely couple. 

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And if they are still together, as speculated by various news portals, they certainly would make a good couple.