What is scarier than the fragile nature of human relationships is how force and brutality can be used to hold the relationships that can’t be held together naturally. It was a sad miracle that actress Robin Vernon’s relationship with her husband Ted Vernon remained intact for 15 years.

The American actress rose to fame together with her husband with South Beach Classics, a TV series about cars, how to buy and collect them.

South Beach Classics: Robin Vernon and her husband Ted Vernon try on the Phantom Rolls Royce (Published 5 April 2011)

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South Beach Classics set the platform for Robin’s future appearances in Hollywood.

1. Robin Vernon's Wiki-like Bio (Age)

Little is known of Robin Vernon's life at an early age. The story of her life actually started with her arrival in the showbiz.

In 2011, as a 32-aged car enthusiast, she started a TV show with her husband, South Beach Classics, which brought her to the fame. Thus earned fame—which was pretty much limited to the car enthusiast community—then helped her march into the broader recognition as a Hollywood actress.

In 2013 she starred in an ensemble thriller Hell Glades as Rosalyn. Again in 2014, she appeared in a similar thriller Bikini Swamp Girl Massacre.

Both of her movies bombed critically but earned the 38-aged actress quite a net worth equal to a massive $2 million (the wiki-sources say).

2. Robin Survived 15 Years With Abusive Husband

Despite helping her attain fame and wealth, Robin’s husband was never the person who could have given any sort of happiness to her.

With a huge ego and easily triggered fits of rage, Ted was an abusive wife-beater. While Ted has kept on denying all the accusations, many people close to him have confirmed that he is quite a volatile person.

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One might blame Robin for bringing the doom over herself; after all, she remained in the abusive relationship instead of getting a divorce at the first sign of abusive. But we don’t know the conditions through which she had to go through to understand why she didn't go for the divorce.

3. Finally Divorced Her Husband, What Was The Final Tip?

When things did end, it was as ugly as it could get for Robin. Things started to worsen when Ted taunted Robin with another woman. Robin, angry and hurt, tried to pack her things and leave, which must have hurt Ted’s volatile ego.

He retaliated harshly by physically and verbally abusing Robin, beating her to the pulp, giving her the black eye. When police found Robin later, on the neighbor’s, black-eyed, bloody lipped, and scared to her core, Ted was gone. Her injuries were so brutal that she had to get the surgery.

Final Blow: Robin Vernon divorced her husband after he gave her black eye and distorted face (Photo: miaminewtimes.com)

Apparently, this was the most Robin could take; she finally filed for a divorce.

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We say she should have done that years ago, but better late than never. However, much we like the stable married life, divorce was the only solution in this toxic relationship.