For the media and public who wants to find out about their beloved weather forecaster, Lucy Verasamy's love life, she is cheeky enough to provide them enough hints keeping them guessing but never enough to let them be sure.

Lucy Verasamy is an English meteorologist and frontwoman of the national weather forecast on ITV. She also joined ITV's Good Morning Britain, a morning program, very recently as a relief weather presenter.

Good Morning Britain: Watch Lucy Verasamy present weather report in ITV's Good Morning Britain (Published on 4 April 2018)

Because of her alluring face, sexy voice, and glamorous wardrobe, Lucy has often been termed as the ‘sexiest weather girl’.

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Lucy Verasamy Bio: Age, Parents, Ethnicity, Height

On 2 August 1980 in Lucy was born to white English parents in King's Lynn, Norfolk, England.

Having attended Silfield Primary School in Wymondham and King Edward VII School in King’s Lynn, she went on to earn her BSc degree in Geography with honors from Brunel University.

Lucy stands at a height of 5 ft. 5, an average for an Englishwoman.

Lucy's Career: Press Association, Sky News, Climate Clinic-Ask Lucy

At the beginning of her career, Verasamy worked for Press Association weather station for four years writing weather report for the company’s newspaper, and also scripts for its weather report in radio, before joining Sky News as their regular weather presenter on the morning show Sunrise.

Her popularity as a weather woman landed her own show Climate Clinic-Ask Lucy, where she answered public’s questions regarding weather.

In addition to the weather forecasting, Lucy turned environmental correspondent with ITV (which she joined in 2010 and is still working with) Breakfast’s Daybreak.

By 2012 she was promoted to the front-face of national weather forecasts for ITV.

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Is 'Sexiest Weather Woman in England' Married? Who Is The Partner?

What we, or anyone else not closely related to Lucy, know about her personal life—apart from the well-accepted, but not well-established, fact that she isn't married—is that Lucy does like to toy with her admirers, sometimes deliberately misleading the fans.

Lucy's appearances with her ITV weather presenting partner Alex Beresford did spark a bit of curiosity among the fans on whether Alex is her boyfriend.

Earlier this year, the two of them were seen together on their way to the royal wedding as if they not only partners in TV but in real life as well.

To Royal Wedding with Partner: Lucy Verasamy attends the royal wedding with her TV weather-partner Alex Beresford (Photo: Lucy's Instagram)

Disappointingly for the fans, as it turned out Alex is a family guy with a happy married life—and not with Lucy.

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In a similar fashion, there was another of the speculation games, a little later this year; this time with reality show star, Eyal Booker.

Lucy shared a photo with Eyal snapped in a rather intimate pose during a festival. Lucy's cozy picture led people to believe that Eyal might be Lucy's hidden boyfriend. Whether Eyal was actually her boyfriend or not, she did lead the guessing fans on.

In reply to a teasing remark by a fan whether she found any connection, she countered cheekily that she did.

acousticlab Did you find a "Connection"?

lucyweather @acousticlab 100%

Come to think of it, providing the public with witty false leads might be quite an effective strategy in keeping her personal life personal. If Eyal is indeed her actual boyfriend Lucy's strategy might still work, seeing that most of the public is bound to look at him with a comedic skepticism. Win-Win for Lucy.