For someone with an active social media presence, American television personality, Heather Storm, seems very confined when it comes to her personal affairs, not giving her boyfriends (or husbands) to the public.

The Montana native is prominently known as the host of the Velocity television network's series, Garage Squad. Heather served as a mixologist of the talk show, Playboy Morning Show. Besides she is also an actress, who played a lead role as Alexis in the 2008 action-adventure movie, No Bad Days.

Garage Squad: Watch Heather Storm as the host of Velocity's long-running automobile-themed show, Garage Squad (Published on 7 December 2015)

Heather is one of the most passionate car enthusiasts there are on this planets.

Heather Storm Bio: Birthday, Height And Other Measurements

Born in 1992 in the United States, Heather's birthday falls on 24 May according to her bio. Heather, who stands at a height of 1.7 meters (5 feet 7 inches) is careful about her fitness and the physique. She has a perfect body though, whose measurements are 34-25-36 and the credit goes to her regular workout.

Heather spent her childhood in Montana, where she enjoyed her time in the foothills of Big Snowy Mountains. Her father was a DIY maverick, who encouraged her to be an independent woman. Heather had an interest in adventure, nature, and conservation since her early age.

Heather Storm Is Adventurer, Entrepreneur, TV Host, Fitness Expert and What Not

To explore her knowledge of nature and environment, she has visited more than 20 countries as a SCUBA Rescue Diver and Environmental Scientist. Heather is a successful entrepreneur, who co-founded an eco-event company, Black LAB

Heather commenced on her on-screen career as a host of a series The Gamers. She is the producer of the series, Drive Yourself Local. Moreover, the former Street Tuner Challenge anchor is a host and mixologist on the podcast, Man Seeks Adventure.

Heather also appears on the fitness-related shows on televisions and internet to suggest audiences to maintain the salutary figure.

Garage Squad: Heather Storm Returns For New Season

One of the shiniest badges in Heather's bio is her role as the host of Garage Squad, Velocity's long-running show about a band of automobile experts trying to fix people's cars in their own unorthodox style. Heather first appeared in the show in 2014 and went on with the show for four more seasons, including the recent one in 2018.

Continues With Garage Squad: Heather Storm reprises her role of the host in the upcoming season of Garage Squad (photo: Heather's Instagram)

The 2018 season of the show premiered on August 29, where Heather, along with two other show staples (automobile experts) try to restore '74 Bronco. She showed again, just like she had shown in the past four seasons, how devoted she is to cars.

Heather Storm's Personal Life: Marital Status And More

Heather, aged 26, has not flaunted her relationship to the media yet. However, she prefers to occasionally make funny remarks about her personal life on social media. Heather, who seems to single at present joked about her relationship in Twitter back in 2014. She shared her featured video through a tweet in Dave Hause's song, Same Disease mentioning him as her first boyfriend.

First Boyfriend: Heather made a jocular tweet mentioning her first boyfriend in 2014 (Photo: Heather Storm's Twitter)

Whether Dave was her boyfriend or not, Heather is yet to exhibit her real relationship in her social sites. However, she does not forget to share the message to spread the love on Valentine's Day. Back in 2017, she made a tweet with a caption that reads not to let others thoughtlessness, rude or mean behavior toward you change how you act.

Heather, who has romanced with several co-actors inside the screen is yet to get married in her real life. She is always against the forceful marriage and often shares her viewpoint about it.

However, her fan often presumes her on-screen family as a real one. Heather has enjoyed a family life with her on-screen husband and children for numerous commercials. Her real marital life, however, yet to come out of a screen as a real one.