Heather Storm is a television personality. She rose to fame as a host of Garage Squad, Velocity's hit reality series based on a group of mechanics who would prepare customized cars.

She also worked as an on-camera sports reporter for My Combat Channel.

Here's everything that you need to know about the former Garage Squad host!

Heather Storm's Age and Birthday

Storm celebrates her birthday every May 25. But her age has not been public knowledge yet.

While some claim her to be 25 and 21 being born in 1960s, the Garage Squad host has let the game of speculation on.

She has not disclosed her age despite verifying that she wasn't born in the 60s.

On May 6, 2018, she addressed the confusion regarding her age in her tweet, stating it was impolite to ask a woman her age. She also urged her followers not to believe information that she didn't write or say herself. 

Though her age remains a mystery, Storm has shared in her blogs and interviews that she grew up with wanderlust. As a child, she went on road trips with her family. 

Not just that, she also helped her father in his garage and always came forward to do what someone would call typical masculine activities, like renovating their house and shooting guns.

Her father wanted her to be independent and skilled in using tools. Appreciating her father's care, she forged her career path and moved ahead.

How Heather Storm Joined 'Garage Squad' 

Storm began her professional endeavors with jobs that kept her near to nature. With an environmental science degree from Oregon State, the Montana native worked on sustainable tourism initiatives in Puerto Rico.

Soon, she found her calling to the TV business and moved to Los Angeles.

Initially, she starred in minor roles in movies and TV series, including Arisan Brondong, No Bad Days, and Surviving Disaster

She started getting hosting gigs once she served as an on-camera sports reporter, Mercury Auto Insurance. She also became a regular guest-mixologist on the top-rated talk show, Playboy Morning Show

Amassing new experience, she also hosted and produced a series on Complex TV named The MixDown.

In 2014, a new opportunity came knocking at her door. Garage Squad needed a female host, and her manager found the chance worth trying.

Heather Storm with her 'Garage Squad' team.

Heather Storm with her 'Garage Squad' team. (Photo: Twitter)

Storm submitted a self-tape for the audition and landed the gig. 

She appeared in the show from season two in 2014 and quickly became a fan favorite. However, she didn't return in the sixth season. She left Garage Squad to focus on her adventures.  

What Is Heather Storm Doing Now?

Aside from being a television personality, Storm has few other feathers in her cap. She is an entrepreneur, fitness trainer, and adventurer. 

She is the co-founder of a boutique event company, Black LAB.

As per her interview with MIXCLOUD, she focused on entrepreneurship while pursuing her acting and hosting career. She said that she wanted to make parties in Los Angeles better with an eco-friendly event production company. 

Now, aside from being an entrepreneur, Storm knows how to keep her 32-24-35 inches measurements in check. The former model, with a height of 5'7", is a fitness expert.

To top it all off, she is an adventurer. She takes road trips across America on her classic 1965 Ford Mustang and documents her adventure in her blog titled 'Road Trip to Mustang Island.'

Is Heather Storm Married?

Well, Storm is apparently busy focusing on her budding career and breath-taking adventures. Her social media and even blogs hint nothing at her relationship status, let alone her married status. 

That being said, she had revealed about her first boyfriend back on June 13, 2014, via a tweet.

She promoted a music video of Dave Hause and claimed that he was her first boyfriend. 

 As she has never talked about her relationship openly, the tweet could be a joke or just an appreciation of Hause's talent. Although it could be a genuine revelation and support to her former boyfriend.