Korean actor Daniel Henney has set some criteria for his future wife.

During an episode of MBC’s Section TV Entertainment Relay on February 19, 2017, the 41-year-old actor opened up about his ideal woman for marriage.

He started the topic by stating that he felt a little lonely those days and would like to be in a relationship. Afterward, he added that he wanted someone who is energetic and loves exercising.

"I feel a little lonely these days. I’d like to be in a relationship," Henney said. "My ideal woman is one who is energetic and loves exercising. I’d like to meet a healthy and fun woman."

The Criminal Minds star previously stated that he felt he would become a good father in the future while speaking with The Straits Times in March 2016.

He explained that he enjoyed playing with the child actors on the film sets.

I've been hanging out with these kids. I play football with the boys in the yard when we are taking breaks in between shooting. I'm always wrestling around with them.

Henney further added that the little girls are very precious and delicate. And he didn't touch them as he felt that he would break them.

After stating all that, he said that he has a good feeling of becoming a good father. "But I think I'd be a good dad in future," he stated.

His Dating History

Although Henney has not confirmed being in a relationship with any woman to date, he has been linked with several divas.

One of his most talked-about relationships was with Mission Impossible actress Maggie Q in 2005. However, the relationship reportedly lasted merely for a year.

For a long time after that, the actor was not linked with anyone. But in April 2018, he was linked with Japanese-American actress Ru Kumagai.

The speculations became stronger when they shared photos of each other’s pet dogs on their social media.

But the rumors were later cleared by Henney's agency, stating, "She [Kumagai] is not his girlfriend." Despite the statement, fans were not ready to believe that Henney and Kumagai were not couples.

In late 2020, the two were also rumored of secretly being married. That being said, no conclusive evidence has come out to confirm the details. 

Henney's Brief Bio

Henney, who was born on November 28, 1979, is a Korean actor and model renowned for his work both in the Korean industry and Hollywood.

He rose to fame with his debut South Korean sitcom Hello Franceska in 2005, followed by another Korean drama, My Lovely Sam Soon, the same year. His role as Dr. Henry Kim in My Lovely Sam Soon also brought him to international prominence.

He has become a regular face in both industries, continuing his work in Seducing Mr. Perfect, Criminal MindsX-Men Origins: WolverineHawaii Five-0, and Shanghai Calling.

The actor has also received honorable awards for his performances. He received Blue Dragon Film Award for Best New Actor in 2007 and Grand Bell Awards under the same category in the following year.