Canadian TV actor Allan Hawco worked his way to achieve what he has today; a steady professional life and an envying personal part. It is understandable how hard he works to keep up his elite career calling but what does he do to keep the bliss alive in his married life? Let his wife keep bees in the house! Caught you off guard there?

Allan Hawco is a Canadian actor and producer admired by audiences of all ages for his role in television series, ZOS: Zone Of Separation and Republic of Doyle. Beyond acting, he has founded his own production company called, Take shot Productions. His notable work includes The Book of Negroes, H2O, and The Trojan Horse among others over the years. He is maintaining his appearance in the TV through CBC’s Caught for the time being.

Trailer Time: Trailer of Allan's 2018 project, Caught- CBC original series adapted from Lisa Moore's acclaimed novel. (Published: 19 Jan 2018) 

Allan has been appreciated very well for his works. He was awarded Canadian Film and Television Hall of Fame's Outstanding Achievement Award in 2011 along with the Gascon-Thomas Award from the National Theatre School the same year.

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Allan Hawco’ Bio: Quit Business School For Theatre

Allan was born on 28 July 1977 in Bell Island. He spent his growing years in Newfoundland and Labrador. He shared his parents with three siblings.

Had he the 41 years not been into entertainment, his bio would’ve probably read ‘Businessman’ as he attended  Memorial University to study business for his education. It must be the acting gig that struck him to quit business school and join National Theatre School of Canada. And seemingly, he chose theatre over the business for all the right reasons as he relishes an approximate net worth of $6 million.

There is seldom anything he’d like to change about the choices he made; topmost choice being his wife.

Allan Hawco’ Everlasting Wedding With Carolyn Stokes; But No Wedding Photos!

Allan is a happily married man to Carolyn Stokes. Isn’t she the one who co-hosts CBC News: Here & Now Late Night. Yes, she is the one!

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The married couple recited their wedding vows on 28 December 2011, and they are in married life bliss ever since. He even admits that wife Carolyn is the best one he’s ever met and that she is awesome!

My Wife's Awesome: Allan Hawco admitted that his wife is awesome is a twitter's comment section in response to a tweet (Photo: Allan Hawco's Twitter)

Are we missing out in something? Oh, wedding pictures! We’d love to provide you but we can’t as the couple has not decided to share frames from their big day.

Wife Carolyn To Allan- Honey Welcome Home To Honey!

A hive of bees have entered the married couple’s home in St. John’s to make their already sweet life even sweeter in 2018!

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It all started with Carolyn mistaking a bee for a wasp which later built a hive of its own. And when she found the truth behind buzzing sound that caught her attention, she did not decide to get rid of it. Instead, she decided to keep them and surprise is what she gave to Allan.

Babe Kept Bees: Allan Hawco posted about the honey bees sheltering in his house in August 2018. (Photo: Allan Hawco's Twitter)

Does it make Carolyn the leading lady in the house? Talking of lady, she sure is the lady of Allan’s heart!