What is it about a woman on a white gown, a man in a tuxedo, and a priest in the altar that is so fascinating? Why people, men, and women alike, are so infatuated with that image, that age-old image? The idea of true love doesn’t make sense; if you eat too much of sweets you are bound to be fed up. It is evidenced by the sheer number of the failed marriages.

When NFL anchor Erin Coscarelli got married to her long-term boyfriend, Jonathan Chironna, what was in her mind? Eternity? Was it the image of themselves as an old married couple, one with the wrinkled face, other with the crooked back, sitting on the deck of the cruise ship, hands-on-hands, as it sails through the vastness of the sea? But there is the bank waiting somewhere, the end of the cruise.

Erin is not a vain woman without an ounce of practicality, immersed inside her own head and in the abstract idea of true happiness. In fact, she is a highly successful sportscaster, specializing in NFL, and earning a hefty salary, something that is tangible, practical.

NFL Network Sportscaster: Erin Coscarelli with her sportscaster crew on NFL Network studio on 24 November 2018 (Photo: Erin's Instagram)

Yet, she was entranced by an abstract idea of true love, or togetherness till death, maybe beyond death. Why?

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Was She Wishful Since Early Age? How Her Childhood Planted The Idea Of True Love?

Let us start the story of Erin the practical-yet-wishful. On 8 May 1984 she was born in Los Angeles, California; on 10 August 1987, when Erin was already three years of age, somewhere in another part of the United States Jonathan, who would later be her boyfriend and then husband, someone with whom she would dream about eternity, was born.

Long before the dreams of the married life started, or maybe alongside the dreams, she grew up in an Italian-American family, with two siblings. Perhaps, it was her family—her father and mother’s love, or maybe the love in general, the idea, the abstract, the love her father showered on her while driving her to the soccer practice, the love shared during the family dinner in their kitchen table, or between the cups of ice cream in some cafe.

On The Commonplace Of First Attraction: Why Erin & Her New Boyfriend Must Have Fallen For Each Other?

The idea was on her head, probably not fully fleshed, but like a mist, like a silhouette, something whose presence you feel but can't touch.

When she first met him, he was Jonathan, a random Jonathan, nothing but a tall Jonathan standing at the height of 6’1”. And she was Erin Coscarelli, short Erin of height 5’4”, Erin with exotic blue eyes, attractive Erin, but only Erin. They couldn’t have thought of it then, about spending their life together, growing old together, raising children of their own, their own creations.

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Initial attraction is understandable; it is natural, animalistic. People are excited; it is new, the face of their boyfriend/girlfriend, their physical attributes, the intensity of intimacy, their character. They want to know everything, little things and grand, their birthdays and their deepest desires. They want to know what tickles their other half and what demons run rampant in their heads.

The Reasons Erin & Jonathan Still Wanted To Get Married After Curiosity About Each Other Died

But after you know everything there is to know about them? What then? For many, it is married life. But what excitement does it hold?

When Erin walked down the altar to meet Jonathan on 18 June 2018, what was she thinking? What was the source of her excitement? They had already known each other for years by that time, had known almost everything there was to know about each other. What were they thinking was in the store for them? The next phase of the adventure that they were embarking on doesn’t seem to have held anything—except for maybe children.

Maybe that is it, that is why people marry: to conceive children, through whom they, subconsciously, tend to attain immortality—survive for eternity through their children and the children of their children.

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Yet, there are people married but without children. They are satisfied with only each other—or at least think that they are going to be forever satisfied with each other. What is with them? What is their deal?

Married Couple: After getting married, Erin & Jonathan, are looking forward to their happily ever after, that may or may not exist (Photo: Erin's Instagram)

Maybe it is the ‘unknown’; humans were always fascinated by the ‘unknown’. That is what makes them different from other animals, the abstract concepts, the ideas beyond what is in front of the eyes, the thoughts of the impractical: hope, love, eternity.

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Maybe that was what Erin was thinking while the minister was speaking the words that declared her married and bound her with Jonathan forever. For all her practicality and career as an NFL anchor and earning thousands of dollars in salary, she must have gone to that zone of wishful thinking and conjured the image of two of them crossing over the other world, hand in hand, through the bright ethereal light.