Chris Archer is one of the best-paid baseball players in the Major League Baseball (MLB). The hefty contract laid up with an eye-watering salary is deserved by the sports star as he has consistently produced the best stats for a pitcher during his 6-year Tampa rays career.

The dreadlocked pitcher is making quite a name for himself in the MLB scene for the past few seasons with Tampa Bay Rays, and his stats are among the best in the business.  What's more, he has been selected twice for the season-ending all-star games twice, 2015 and 2017. 

In 2018, Chris was traded by Tampa Bay Rays to Pittsburgh Pirates for RHP Tyler Glasnow, CF Austin Meadows and Player To Be Named Later. He was activated by the Pittsburgh Pirates as an RHP on August 2018.

Proud Career: Chris Archer celebrates his 1000 career innings pitched on 20 March 2018 (Photo: Chris Archer's Instagram)

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Chris Archer was drafted in by Cleveland Indians in 2006 as an 18-year-old but was traded with Chicago Cubs in 2008. After joining Cubs, he was loaned to Daytona Cubs. His stats with the Daytona Cubs earned him the award of  Cubs' Minor League Pitcher of the Year in 2010. He also got a place in the 40 man roster for the Chicago Cubs. 

However, his hopes of breaking into the senior squad suffered a big blow when he was traded along with three others by Cubs to Tampa Bay Rays.  After joining the Rays, he was loaned to Durham Bulls, a lower league baseball team where he started two games and allowed just a run. After starting his 2012 season with Durham Bulls, the most significant moment of his career came on 20 June 2012, when he started a first of many MLB game after the injury to Jeremy Hellickson. 

His first win with the Rays came in September the same year after their win against Boston Red Sox in their turf. 2013 saw Chris establish himself as a starter with the Rays and produced stellar stats of two complete shutouts in two completed games. What's more, he won July's AL Pitcher of the Month and AL Rookie of the Month and finished third in the season's standing of the same event.

Likewise, in 2014, Rays announced his contract extension and had seen him grow bits by bits from a stand-in pitcher to the opening starter in the Rays team. His exploits during 2015 and 2017 season where his stats which were in line with the very best of pitchers led him to participate in the season-ending all-star games. 

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Born on 26 September 1989 as Christopher Alan Archer to mixed parents, his father was African-American and his mother white, Chris was raised by his maternal grandparents. Adopted at the age of just 2, Chris calls his grandparents, Ron, and Donna Archer as his parents and labels them dad and mom. 

He was diagnosed with a bilateral hernia and had a surgery done in November 2018 to cure the disease. He got wishes and prayers from all his fans and admirers during his rehabbing time.

Bringing up a mixed racial kid in the leafy suburbs of North Carolina, had its perks. White parents holding up the hands of a black kid drew glancing eyes from the community, but his family always provided the support to the aspiring baseballer. What's more, he was taught from an early beginning that the world was one big family despite the differences we shared. Talking about his education, he attended the Clayton High School in North Carolina where he played for the school's baseball team, and then joined The University of Miami after signing a letter of intent.

And that family is what the now famous son considers the base of his success. On 24 January 2018, he wrote a public letter to his parents, Ron and Donna stating that he was delighted to have been brought up in the environment they provided. He even added in the letter that if every family had parents as understanding as them, the world would be a better place to live and there would be more love and less hatred.  

The love, care and the responsible upbringing by his grandparents have created a brilliant person off the field as good as he is on the ground. The morning trips of Ron and Donna ferrying Chris to and fro the baseball field has worked its magic as he is now one of the best players in the game today. 

Talking about his personal life, the 31-year-old player is an extremely private person and hardly shares anything about his personal life, dating or any such incidents of his life. As of now, we can speculate he is single as no any news or rumors circulating his dating life has been out since long

In A League Of His Own: Both Regarding Stats and Salary

The contract extension, Chris signed for Tampa Bay Rays in 2014, not only tied up the star for six more years at the club but also made him one of the best-paid players in the club. He is guaranteed a hefty salary of $25.5 million over the course of the contract that runs till 2020. His base salary in 2018 is $6.25 million which swells to more than $7 million considering bonuses and signing on fees. 

The club also has the option for two extended years in his contract for 2021 and 2022 where he would earn more than $8 million and $11 million respectively.

The prominent figures in his contract have been genuinely deserved by the star as he has continually produced brilliant pitching and has displayed an excellent career stats. He has participated in a total of 121 games for the Rays and thrown more than 1000 career innings with the club. What's more, his career ERA stands at 3.67 which is a brilliant return for a pitcher in one of the unfancied teams. 

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His career stats also include 1,120 strikeouts and a whip of 1.22 which also features in the high regions for a pitcher. What's more, the super athlete rarely misses a game due to injury and always stands up for the team in the time of need. His win-loss ratio of 54-67, is a shade under the 50% which is commendable. He has time and again won games on his own for the Tampa Bay Rays. With a brilliant set of stats and an extended contract with a handsome salary to match the feat, Chris is in for a long haul in the baseball scene. 

The General Manager of Pittsburgh Pirates Major League Baseball organization has updated the contract and traded two coveted prospects for two and a half years of Chris Archer in January 2019. They have three other young starters along with Archer that will continue to grow and look to make the Pirates rotation the best in the National League Central Division.