Stephanie Ramos is not just successful in her professional career both as a journalist and an army. But, most surprisingly Stephanie also enjoys a flourishing married life with her perfect husband.

Stephanie Ramos is a renowned journalist who rose to prominence when she joined ABC News as a reporter.  While proceeding her career path as a journalist, she also served as a first Lieutenant in Iraq and was honored with multiple medals for her exceptional service.

Covering Main Event: From KMBC, Stephanie Ramos tours Oklahoma's Fort Still to look at the conditions where children who crossed into the US without their parents or proper documents are being held (Published on 10 July 2014)

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Before joining ABC News, Stephanie anchored and reported at KMBC in Kansas City where she was particularly notable for her coverage of immigrant children caught crossing into the U.S. from Mexico.

Sneak-Peak on Stephanie's Career & Net Worth

Stephanie Ramos, who was born on 24 January, currently resides in Kansa City’s Northland with her family. She grew up in New York City and wanted to be a teacher and a singer as a kid. She had her first job as a cashier at Hollywood Video. Stephanie joined ABC News in 2000 as an intern. In 2012, she joined the team from KMBC in Kansas City as an anchor and reporter.

Journalism was not the only profession for her, she also served as a first Lieutenant in Iraq and was honored with multiple medals for her service including Meritorious Service Medal, Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal and Global War on Terrorism Medal. 

Presently, Stephanie is serving as a correspondent for ABC News Network, and she receives an impressive salary from the network. In her career, she undoubtedly accumulated sufficient net worth which is still under review.

Stephanie’s Flawless Married Life with Perfect Husband

When you have a loving as well as an understanding husband by your side then managing time between family and work inevitably becomes stress-free. Same is the case for this remarkable journalist when her understanding spouse, Emio Tomeoni, supports her not in just household activities but also in her professional job too.

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They tied the knot of their wedding on 5 September 2010. It’s been more than seven years that the Lieutenant married her loving boyfriend. In September 2017 on her special day, the correspondent could not hold back herself in sharing the wedding pictures remembering the best day of her life on her Instagram to mark their seven years anniversary. She captioned the image with a beautiful message dedicating to her husband. She penned;

When we took this picture .... moments after saying 'I Do' all I wanted to do was re-live our wedding ceremony. The only future I could process was if the cellist would be in place by the time we got to the reception. There were all these things we didn't know.... but now 7 yrs later it's amazing to look at those 2 people. As our 6 yr old keeps calling my name "momma"... "momma".... and our 2 yr old once again dumps a giant bucket of legos on our clean living room floor.... I couldn't be happier with what we look like 7 years later. #anniversary

All Smiles: Stephanie Ramos and Emio Tomeoni wedding picture shared by Stephanie on 5th September 2017 (Photo: Stephanie’s Instagram)

The couple together has been blessed with two children. They welcomed their first son, Xavier, a year after their marriage on 14 March 2011. Stephanie’s husband Emio recorded his day at home with their son while she was away on the job and the video Home With Dada had gone viral in 2013.

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Furthermore, in 2014 Stephanie announced that she was expecting their second baby.  And soon after in 2015, their second son came to their life whose name and birth details are still unknown. 

Catch Up With Stephanie's Leisurely Married Life

She said that in her free time she loves snuggling up with her boys and watching one of their favorite shows or playing with their beloved trains and also cracking jokes with her husband. 

And Stephanie doesn't hold back even a bit while sharing the moments she spends with her loving husband and sons on social media sites. She especially posts pictures of her sons from their random moments to their first day of school. 

She also shared a picture of her reading a book to her sons called Mommy, Please Don't Go To Work that was written by Rhiannon Ally. And she expressed her thoughts on the book, openly praising the book and its illustrations which was made by Wendy Leach. Apparently, her kids loved it and they learned about how 'mamas hold all kind of jobs.' 

The book must have related a lot to her lifestyle, but then again, Stephanie is a mom who knows how to manage her time for her kids and family despite her demanding career. She has done it till now and she will continue to be a mother her sons can look up to.