Love Island is a British dating reality TV that allows singles to find their love and win a cash prize by the end of a season. 

The contestants, also called the Islanders, live in a secluded but lavish area where they have to couple up with fellow Islanders to survive. Throughout the series, they can swap with other couples to decide who is 'the one' for them. 

Anyone who remains single is eliminated from the game and sent home. However, the choice of elimination also lies in the hands of the public who vote for their favorite Islander. 

Despite all the controversies surrounding it, the show is currently in its 7th season. The contestants are under the watchful eyes of the fans, and their entire life is made public on the acclaimed show. 

Similarly, many speculations are made about the Islander throughout the show. Recently, rumors are floating around about Shannon Singh and her ex-boyfriend. She was the first one to be eliminated from Season 7 of Love Island. 

Shannon Singh and Her Elimination 

The 22-year-old model was eliminated from the villa just 48 hours after being on the show. No one has been kicked out this early in the history of Love Island


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Singh was eliminated from reality TV after another Islander, Chloe Burrows, coupled with Aaron Francis, leaving Singh single. Initially, she was bummed out that she was kicked out, but later realized that the situation made sense. 

The model admitted she was the only girl who did not develop any attachment to the guys. Thus, she was okay with her remaining single and leaving the show. 

Singh returned to Instagram and revealed that she was back in London. She thanked her fans for showing their support and confessed that she was “gutted but SO grateful for the opportunity.”


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Is Shannon Singh Still Dating Ben Sterling?

Since the premiere of Season 7, Singh had appeared uninterested in the boys approaching her. While playing the ‘horny devils’ game, the model turned her head when fellow Islander Toby Aromolaran tried to kiss her. 

The rest of the Islander laughed it out, but fans of Love Island have speculated that there is much more to the situation. They believed Singh was acting as such because she was still dating her ex-boyfriend, Ben Sterling.

Sterling is a self-taught DJ and producer who has made a name for himself from a young age. 

Fans took to Reddit to discuss their speculation of Singh and Sterling still being together. Initially, it was reported that the model broke up with the DJ weeks before coming to the show. 

Allegedly, the two had been dating for over a year and loved each other a lot. The pair had celebrated Sterling’s 22nd birthday in February in Mexico.

They had also spent three months traveling together. 

Apparently, Singh thought that Love Island was a massive opportunity for her. Hence, she broke up with the music producer to be single on the show. 

Nonetheless, fans took to Reddit to speculate that the breakup might have been a ruse. They suspected Singh was just on the show for publicity.

One fan noted that the two still liked each other’s Instagram posts — the last post Singh liked was on May 23, 2021, and the latest picture of hers that Sterling liked was of June 16, 2021. 

However, many fans jumped to the model’s defense. They said that just because a girl did not like the guys does not mean she is back with her ex-boyfriend.

Similarly, a few pointed out that she probably did not like the personalities of the male Islanders. 

Neither Singh nor Sterling have addressed these rumors.